Waiting #MondayBlogs

Their voices Join a chorus Of all who have come before us The melody Both beauty And desolation On the other side of loss A time of waiting And listening For those soft voices That speak Only in our memories And in the blood That carries them forward Into the today Within us - Caroline … Continue reading Waiting #MondayBlogs

Full Speed

Every step On this journey One motion closer To letting go The separation That marks The human condition Every age Every moment A farewell Until we all Meet again ~ Caroline A. Slee

Cruelty #MondayBlogs

We lie about the dead Giving them sudden sainthood Nothing clears a name Faster than life’s end Your sins all remembered But never spoken again A world of pain inflicted That will never be resolved But speak praise praise praise For our tormentors And silence any truth That may dare slip out Image is more … Continue reading Cruelty #MondayBlogs

Broken #wwwblogs

They start early Forming us Into the shape that is most pleasing For that is the role we are supposed to play. They feed us thoughts Every single day Of the ideal we should reach The impossible we should become. They break our spirits For our own good Because a brood mare and a work … Continue reading Broken #wwwblogs

Upraised #FridayPhilosophy

When the day rushes in And the sky is falling We need only remember Our upraised hands Joined together Holding back the flood Of disasters When panic Is trying To knock down the door Set your eyes Upon each other And remember strength In numbers For no one Needs to face the storm Alone - … Continue reading Upraised #FridayPhilosophy

Stand Out #MondayBlogs

We buck the lessons: To be invisible Not occupy space. Instead arriving With brightness and volume. Unapologetic, We speak above a whisper and Step out from our role As wallflowers. Finally granting Ourselves permission To be. Secure in the knowledge That our being Is not a mistake. - Caroline A. Slee


Nearly a uniform: The black clothing Head to toe The calendared Timeline of grief. It becomes spectacle And announcement As we hide away In the colors Of mourning. Seeking invisibility As we face New normals With each passing day - The truth that life Will never again Be what it once was. ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Weeds

Translation #MondayBlogs

Simple words rearranged Will cast us into darkness The Bible has been translated More than 600 times Every one of those A change from what was written 450 different translations For the English alone And somewhere in those words Rewritten and rewritten over Millennia We move the message Further back into damnation Stepping away From … Continue reading Translation #MondayBlogs


We keep them bright Held fast Against sudden, intrusive Gusts Your own star To give you guidance Standing out In the dark nights A gentle beacon A reminder Home waits And welcomes you No matter how far The travels Or how weary The outcome You are certain Of the warmth Of welcome Within the sanctuary … Continue reading Homefires

Lace Curtain #wwwblogs

From poverty to prosperity We drove a nationality To a new prominence With our faith And desperation Ships sailed from starvation Into a new world Of servitude and judgment Forging a home Still misunderstood Mystics Remembering the past Our lace curtains Hide the struggles We overcame And the world sees only The success And never … Continue reading Lace Curtain #wwwblogs