One Decade

This is the day. 10 years ago today, my unwelcome hitchhiker was evicted from my body through major surgery. 10 years ago today, with the help and love of family and friends and incredible doctors, I threw the first punch in my fight to kick cancer’s ass. I won that fight, and I have 10 … Continue reading One Decade


All words have power, for good or illall words create worldsthat stand alone Words can sing as a hymna prayera benediction Or words can destroy faithdestroy confidenceseparate people from each other We whisperwe murmurwe set the words to flow A creationtransformationa spell cast for change As we begin our incantationto find healingonce again ~ Caroline … Continue reading Incantation

Down to My Bones #wwwblogs

Perhaps there shall be another wisdom Superior to that which prevails In a world that partitions us wholly From groups down to life systems When I see beyond corrected vision when I finally see true The answers are holistic yet trapped behind an atomistic lens Intuition whispers throughout me Down to my bones Demanding acknowledgement … Continue reading Down to My Bones #wwwblogs


It was always a virtue Moving forward Pushing relentlessly Into goals Drive was praised Motivation set to fire Until the fire Roared to inferno Unstoppable was a virtue Not a symptom Not a window To a lack of knowledge An achievement To be admired Unstoppable was a virtue That became a burden And a brick … Continue reading Unstoppable


There are moments When fear becomes A strange wisdom In the silent space Of within Where nothing beyond Quiet breath And the rhythmic heart Are speaking There are times When the knowing That still certainty Is no comfort But instead a chill In the sleeping hours Stealing dreams Leaving lungs squeezed flat In a frisson … Continue reading Knowing


That center holds Within us The home that can never Be taken away The peaks and valleys To challenge and comfort us Always without and within We find home In the breath In the pulse driving us In the strength To overcome - Caroline A. Slee

Driving Force #wwwblogs

It was never comfort That drove me No soft dream To open the door But a pain That never subsided Until I ruled it And created it The screaming lungs The pounding heart The burning in all limbs Until the pain Submitted And admitted defeat Beneath the fire Of my drive And my desire - … Continue reading Driving Force #wwwblogs

Keep Going #MondayBlogs

Just keep going Even on unsteady limbs The mind Will replace the body When fatigue Wins the day Just keep going Though the day seems lost And pain Has become your constant Let your heart Take the next steps Just keep going A mantra A prayer Words I whisper To remind myself That I can … Continue reading Keep Going #MondayBlogs

Hands #wwwblogs

It was nothing, at first A little less energy A little more illness Just another normal In a busy life It transformed To sickness A parade of hospitals And treatments With time passing onward Years were suspended A kind of in-between My body slowly returning An awkward perennial Trying to bloom again But damage was … Continue reading Hands #wwwblogs

Evermore #MondayBlogs

The climb is an endless Everyday One step closer to grace Moving onward into who we are But there is beauty In that struggle and the seeking that carries our feet upward The distance brings revelation and the altitude perspective But it is not the end which calls to us it is our truth that … Continue reading Evermore #MondayBlogs