Photo by Maria Orlova on "People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned." - James Baldwin Let's try to remember the humanity in each of us, instead of focusing upon the outward appearance. Blessings … Continue reading James Baldwin #FridayPhilosophy

James Baldwin #FridayPhilosophy

Photo by cottonbro on Shrieking winds cried against the windows rattling the glass in the pane the mountain responded in shrill tones as dens emptied themselves in search of food somewhere an emergency disrupted the night sirens calling distorted as they race to answer the calls bring a sleepless rescue night alive night awake … Continue reading Night Disrupted

Night Disrupted

Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on We place demands on the body forcing it into rhythms no longer driven by nature we rise to the alarm with or without the sun we follow a pattern beyond the stars and sky set to a song we seek to create a heartbeat of hope we chase through … Continue reading Alarm Clock #wwwblogs

Alarm Clock #wwwblogs

Photo by Amine M'Siouri on Before the dawn we set the light firing the day into being shaping the future with intention and hope birthing fire into breath and power creation grows forged with pressure and heat living as its own sun as our morning fire invokes the day setting a guardian over us … Continue reading Morning Fire

Morning Fire

Photo by Alex Andrews on The sky is spread thin to cover us without end stretched farther than possibility to allow the light to shine through Life is spread thin to maintain this strange balance stretching farther than reality to allow for everyone to survive The sea is spread thin burdened by our cares … Continue reading Spread Thin #MondayBlogs

Spread Thin #MondayBlogs

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Worlds rise and crumble all on the whim of one mind a future vision that ripples into truth flowing like water across each line running down the page - Caroline A. Slee


The list of the day the cleaning the laundry the filing and folding preparation for the week and the days still to come music playing while hands stay busy as the week comes to its close and the chores demand their turn - Caroline A. Slee

Saturday Mornings

“Grief is the price we pay for love.” - Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II #FridayPhilosophy

Photo by Skylar Kang on Dreams were not simply dreams but a wish and a hope cast over us as we slept the sandman delivering blessings to a sleeping world oblivious to the magic at hand reaping only the sweet reward - Caroline A. Slee

The Sandman #FolkloreThursday

Photo by Pixabay on I sometimes miss the clattering of type another type of music as my fingers played spinning tangible stories as pages came to life remembering late hours and a single lamp over my audible efforts - Caroline A. Slee

Retro #wwwblogs