Without End

We must remember who we are

Saturday Mood

The sun will rise bringing bright shades the ticking clock my sole companion as I dream in this world calmness abounds in the peaceful morning ready for the joy and celebrations of the day - Caroline A. Slee

Spirits #MondayBlogs

Perhaps it is a prayer those whispered words or some ancient wisdom repeated through millennia or a spell to cast to hold back the darkness all these words call to those who came before we echo their steps on this journey we take never walking alone - Caroline A. Slee


We hold off the chill settling in for winter all fireplaces and blankets and twinkling lights We hold off the chill setting a light in the window a ward against the darkness inside and out We hold off the chill every stitch an act of love intention in our care to protect what matters most … Continue reading Purled

Airport Reluctance

We wait to take flight reluctant to leave the ground but the sky is calling and the dream of home from distant beaches and sweet-scented winds - Caroline A. Slee


A small glow of sunshine in the glitter of night towering lights suspend the sky as clouds roll over rooftops we come home a beacon calling our heartbeat the light that waits for each of us to return - Caroline A. Slee

Vantage Point

The sea twins the sky colors of dawn rise across the water as the clouds are painted in a rosy peace the city awakens emerging from the dark hours ready to meet each other once more the sea holds the sunrise in its mythical embrace as day creeps across the morning sky - Caroline A. … Continue reading Vantage Point

stead.fast #MondayBlogs

stead·fast/ˈstedˌfast/adjective resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering."steadfast loyalty" - Oxford Languages Steadfast We are unflinching in the face of adversity rising to the strenuous on the fire of our own stubbornness Open hearts giving us clear vision of a path forward though the road ahead climbs We are steadfast committed to our world-building loyal to … Continue reading stead.fast #MondayBlogs


Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com The reminders we carry not branded in the mind but burned across the heart joy set alight into a forever remembered circle - Caroline A. Slee

Saturday Mornings

The list of the day the cleaning the laundry the filing and folding preparation for the week and the days still to come music playing while hands stay busy as the week comes to its close and the chores demand their turn - Caroline A. Slee