Danger *Triggers

Danger *Triggers Today's quotes tackle the topic of domestic violence against women. Although they are what I consider to be words of wisdom, the topic may be triggering for readers. “Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women.” - Maya Angelou “We have an abundance of rape and violence … Continue reading Danger *Triggers


Gaze We are not seen as we are we are seen through the gaze that interprets us our motives our movements our every waking moment we are not seen we are figments never fully human just the perception that labels us divides us renders us without recognition that we exist within our own identities we … Continue reading Gaze

False Confidence #MondayBlogs

False Confidence #MondayBlogs How easy are the angry words to those you see as "weak": smaller in stature, younger in years seemingly all alone but oh, how sudden your change in tone your smiling face your softer side when faced with knowledge that the bite will be worse than any bark ever could be underestimated … Continue reading False Confidence #MondayBlogs

Savage #MondayBlogs

Savage Beauty lulls us into complacency forgetting the danger that lies in the civilization outside of our door we wear our polite mask trained through generations into pleasantness and a non-threatening manner but the savage within us returns as surely as our planet tilts our memories flow in our blood and we begin to shed … Continue reading Savage #MondayBlogs

Make Ready

Make Ready We are at war with ourselves with the world the push for change buried under greed people become property under the dim view of gas lanterns but we embrace the struggle we ready ourselves stronger in our resolve rejecting this narrow space designated for us we cast away the soft voices the domestic … Continue reading Make Ready

The Invitation

The baelfires are set the prayers have been sung as we surrender to our faith one by one the skies cover us with benevolence as we begin to dance free from our constraints governing ourselves at last not witch, but woman feared or revered and misunderstood we shake off these legal shackles and declare our … Continue reading The Invitation

Her Wings Are Cut #FridayPhilosophy

“A woman is shut up in a kitchen or a boudoir, and one is surprised her horizon is limited; her wings are cut, and then she is blamed for not knowing how to fly.” - Simone de Beauvoir Thinking about all of the words that try to entrap us into confined, tidy little boxes. Blessings … Continue reading Her Wings Are Cut #FridayPhilosophy