Breakable/Unbreakable #MondayBlogs

Thoughts on injury


Perhaps the adage “heal thyself” hit the target in every way a reminder of our power and the knowledge we hold but convenience drives us to forgetfulness leaving movement behind as we praise the modern - food, drink, automation - losing our bodies in the bargain ~ Caroline A. Slee


Photo by on Creating their own rhythm a dance meant for endurance guiding breath into purpose setting the heartbeat's pace cadence driving the day shifting the journey to a parallel path chasing the horizon as we leave the chaos behind - Caroline A. Slee

A Rush of Blood

A rush of blood feeds the muscles over hills and down again across the flats through the wall continuing beyond the fire the fatigue the burning protest for finish lines and the accomplishment fed by a rush of blood - Caroline A. Slee

Endurance #MondayBlogs

Training and transforming were not meant for the body the physical strength the quick sprints the endless hills all designed for the mind for the daily grind stamina to carry on - Caroline A. Slee

The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs

Photo by Caroline A. Slee The Longest Miles The effort seems unending waiting for that rush the release of endorphins to lull the self into comfort The hills grow steeper and the sunlight harsh on sweat-slicked skin losing salt on the climb Relief will come after the longest miles trembling legs standing atop the valley … Continue reading The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs

Trail Run

Photo by Rido Alwarno on A slow climb into victory into beauty Effort and exertion to transform to strengthen A meditation a prayer a breath before fire As the body in motion finds its engine - Caroline A. Slee

Tree Pose

I root myself plant my feet find a balance I do not have I lift myself at the ready my posture pulled higher towards the sky my lungs open wide my breath becomes an ocean flowing in and out to fuel my body as I stand newly tall one with nature in my soul ready … Continue reading Tree Pose

Ultra #MondayBlogs

The road ahead: Solitary But for the wild Within and without Pushing every step Every mile For hundreds Beneath unforgiving sun And the balm of starlight We become nocturnal creatures Hiding through the days Until night is a home A friendly face Waiting to greet us We stare out into darkness Into a middle distance … Continue reading Ultra #MondayBlogs