Rest #MondayBlogs

It is an afterthought that haphazard ending as day runs out of itself we are careless with these darkened hours choosing to be thoughtless to lose our sense of purpose in a punishing neglect of our own healing choosing to ignore recovery in favor of distraction forgetting the exact science of winding down while our … Continue reading Rest #MondayBlogs

Hickory Dickory Dock…

Shifting seconds counting off the hours a race through the day before moonrise and rest - Caroline A. Slee #MondayBlogs

stead·fast/ˈstedˌfast/adjective resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering."steadfast loyalty" - Oxford Languages Steadfast We are unflinching in the face of adversity rising to the strenuous on the fire of our own stubbornness Open hearts giving us clear vision of a path forward though the road ahead climbs We are steadfast committed to our world-building loyal to … Continue reading #MondayBlogs

White Strands

Time is creeping into my mirror my hair showing winter in its strands swaths of snow overtaking the dark around a face no longer young Time is creeping into my vision white strands spilling through my hands a transformation of increasing speed white strands rushing in like so many runaway trains Time is creeping into … Continue reading White Strands


The day stalls without this force this looseness that sets the palms to prayer the mountains cling to the rain leaving us stark all dried bones and bleached skin until the tradewinds return clearing the mind clearing the eyes opening the heart that first clean breath into empty lungs replenished at last as our sails … Continue reading Tradewinds

Stronger #MondayBlogs

Photo by Enric Cruz López on It begins in the quiet - the breath the thought the moment of choice - and then takes us upward, climbing pushing beyond our imagined limits stronger than we knew stronger than we dreamed in those quiet breaths we are forged steely and sharp in our softness and … Continue reading Stronger #MondayBlogs

One Decade

This is the day. 10 years ago today, my unwelcome hitchhiker was evicted from my body through major surgery. 10 years ago today, with the help and love of family and friends and incredible doctors, I threw the first punch in my fight to kick cancer’s ass. I won that fight, and I have 10 … Continue reading One Decade

The Chase

Rest will come with dreams of the air a peace we chase with our eyes shut tight ~ Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Pixabay on The body knows its own medicine: the air so clear and fresh tea to pass the quiet hours and rest for the weary laughter until the sides ache smiles until the face is creased weathered through time and weathering the elements healing the small fractures in our calm - Caroline … Continue reading Prescription

The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs

Photo by Caroline A. Slee The Longest Miles The effort seems unending waiting for that rush the release of endorphins to lull the self into comfort The hills grow steeper and the sunlight harsh on sweat-slicked skin losing salt on the climb Relief will come after the longest miles trembling legs standing atop the valley … Continue reading The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs