Beneath star dust and bright skies we lose ourselves to sleep closing ourselves from the light behind heavy eyelids - Caroline A. Slee

Minor Keys #MondayBlogs

Minor Keys The music plays harmonious and sweet full of hope and bright futures and predictable progressions the music begins in a major key saving its discordant notes to jar us into confusion after the lull of happiness the minor keys creep in sowing fear and sharp nerves finding the pain inside each body and … Continue reading Minor Keys #MondayBlogs


Perhaps the adage “heal thyself” hit the target in every way a reminder of our power and the knowledge we hold but convenience drives us to forgetfulness leaving movement behind as we praise the modern - food, drink, automation - losing our bodies in the bargain ~ Caroline A. Slee

Waiting #MondayBlogs

We are cautioned warned from early ages that time is the answer it heals the wounds ends all wild destruction refines our suffering into high art brings karma at some nebulous end the waiting is a discipline filled with breath and clarity taming the heart and mind which seek movement and trajectory waiting is where … Continue reading Waiting #MondayBlogs

There Are Days…

There are days when my voice fades off tired of the answers tired of the musts there are days when rebellion boils in my heart done with the experts done with the gold standard there are days I am ready to shrug off responsibility to turn my back on all I should do in favor … Continue reading There Are Days…

Strenuous #MondayBlogs

Purpose starts the climb setting us on our paths we spend hours even days protesting the journey as we move higher our words lie while our actions act as proof for while purpose sets us free in our pursuit it is grit that lifts us continually from one goal to the next - Caroline A. … Continue reading Strenuous #MondayBlogs


Savasana the breath before the storm as daily chaos retreats a world become silent as breath and thought entwine holding strong against the interruptions that never cease - Caroline A. Slee

Rainbows and Palm Trees

The comfort of the familiar as our pace changes and our rhythms shift to mesh with island life a respite before the return to “having it all” by doing it all around the clock in our madness but in this moment we have the sun and the waves and the space around us a break … Continue reading Rainbows and Palm Trees


My life has been spent chasing breath since before memory before choice life uprooted to find sweet air to fill the lungs I adjust my pace my location my days in pursuit of oxygen careful sips musical in their quality as I’ve waited for vessels to expand my whole life has been spent chasing breath … Continue reading Pulmonary

Mundane #MondayBlogs

I like to hide myself inside the mundane gather my thoughts within the routines find safety once more behind the normal until breathlessness becomes open lungs again until my drumming heart finds a calm pace and my busy mind settles itself into this present moment - Caroline A. Slee