Small shifts push into change a gentle motion to heal the body rest to restore and a surface to support us until pain falls away and strength returns - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Tom Fisk on Safety The air is sweet beneath a gentle sky a lie to cover the fumes we pull in the air is death without escape bucking trends and breaking statistics the old diseases thrive in these skies consumptive collapsing into dust while the message stays strong stays on its point … Continue reading Safety

Ceaseless #MondayBlogs

We journey we forge we push ahead Onward and forward and upward at once we find strange virtue in the strain and the burden we praise the hours without rest or pause or breath subverting the living into chore and task replacing purpose with mindless labors - Caroline A. Slee

Soft Edges

Through the haze of sleepy eyes the world fades to soft edges a vague impression of shape color and movement blurred through the weight of sleeplessness the day takes on its form lived twice in the planning before the sun begins to rise ~ Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pranayama For it is breath that steadies us breath that nourishes a deliverance a restoration to bring us back to center - Caroline A. Slee


Churning Butterflies in my stomach with razors for wings morning in a race to beat the clock breath shortened heart rate heavy wrapped in chains created in my own mind churning waters as I try not to sink head above water with leaden limbs - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by on Creating their own rhythm a dance meant for endurance guiding breath into purpose setting the heartbeat's pace cadence driving the day shifting the journey to a parallel path chasing the horizon as we leave the chaos behind - Caroline A. Slee

Suppression #MondayBlogs

The lungs resist oxygen as the body resists the world the attempt at life in an inhospitable climate inherent strength is gone a thing of the past facing system failure in a half-life twilight seeking drive searching for hope wishing for ground that could steady but still I resist acceptance refusing still another new normal … Continue reading Suppression #MondayBlogs

The Cream

We rise we will not stay down we are the cream rising to the top our triumphs and tragedies training us into success - Caroline A. Slee

A Rush of Blood

A rush of blood feeds the muscles over hills and down again across the flats through the wall continuing beyond the fire the fatigue the burning protest for finish lines and the accomplishment fed by a rush of blood - Caroline A. Slee