Wandering over maps without prescience no navigation to take us forward with any certainty life happening in the gaps without gps without compass an internal sense of direction North is imagined foresight has gone blind maps and charts just the raving scribbles of those who dreamt they ruled the world for after all names were … Continue reading Uncharted


Neither years nor memory can wash away what was standing on the steps of history forgotten neither sun nor snows shall hide us from the before facing all the yesterdays that join us here and now we reminisce we invoke we raise it all from the dead dust returned to bone as the clock spins … Continue reading Reminisce

Horseshoes #MondayBlogs

Entrapped devils bargain for freedom rushing through promises of anything and everything while skill and talent look on in judgment knowing peace in the trap well-laid - Caroline A. Slee

Ripples #MondayBlogs

History ripples outward onto every shore changing everything it touches harmonizing with itself from the beginning it starts again repetition and rhyme scraping the bottom the ocean floor bringing up the dust of every civilization History ripples outward - Caroline A. Slee

Les Noms

Time strips away the memory the histories left to fade dust and ruins and invisible women relegated to the edges of existence - Caroline A. Slee


Eventually we shall disappear our monuments our roads our almighty infrastructure our footsteps shall be wiped away a clean slate as Earth reclaims her own the sand and the seas crowd in upon us taking back the spaces that belong to them they make the only lasting mark nature laughs at the folly of humanity … Continue reading Lasting


Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com My mind locks in the data each memory coded and codified a Dewey Decimal system of memory the hurts are buried in the deepest files relegated to the back of the darkest corner my life filled with words some my own and some foreign to me but all sifted … Continue reading Archives


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Emergent We wrap ourselves against the elements the persuasion asking all to remain the same we willingly sacrifice twining into our changing story understanding we must let go of what we were in order to become - Caroline A. Slee

Retro #wwwblogs

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com I sometimes miss the clattering of type another type of music as my fingers played spinning tangible stories as pages came to life remembering late hours and a single lamp over my audible efforts - Caroline A. Slee

Heritage #wwwblogs

Photo by Andrea Koelink on Pexels.com We chase the history unwritten forgotten years and culture erased with a stolen language and stolen lands a faith outlawed by narrow minds and fearful hearts We chase the history unwritten for there lies truth not the legend of family generations but the heart and the heartbreaks from which … Continue reading Heritage #wwwblogs