A Silly Story for a Saturday

Photo by David McElwee on Pexels.com I've been on my Spring Break this week. In teacher life, this is a week to catch up on the ever-snowballing list of things that need to be done at home, in my other work for Learning Without Scars, as well as a tiny bit of time for self-care. … Continue reading A Silly Story for a Saturday


Mirth is a happy surprise the sudden explosion of joy interrupting the mundane the day-to-day to set us to a new vibration light and bright bringing the sun within - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by La Miko on Pexels.com Our sense of play must take the lead and lift our days into laughter - Caroline A. Slee

Rituals #wwwblogs

There is always a spooky magic to be feared those mystic rituals that invoke terror ~ All whispered in rumors hyped in suggestion a hint that witches might live among us ~ Ritual is practice simplicity itself the small ceremony we have to create joy: The morning coffee, the quiet hours, the blank pages filled … Continue reading Rituals #wwwblogs

The Poetry of Irritation

The endless countdown of insomnia whispering the hours of rest ahead if I only "go to sleep now" Drowning in the early hours by neighboring chain saws and leaf blowers Idle wishes that spellcraft could transform me waking dreams of hibernation and life in a remote forest cave The clash of arguing teens, at unholy … Continue reading The Poetry of Irritation


For every sneeze A game of who to blame: The dog who wakes me at all hours Reversing her days and nights; a schedule in flux for the season's festivities. What culprit I may find For my body succumbing Will switch in coming days As I bemoan my fate Miserable on the couch Marveling at … Continue reading Whining

A sonnet to my sleep #wwwblogs

I could begin a sonnet to my sleep For all the hours I dreamt on a pillow Or I could simply face the day and leap Into higher gears straight from the mellow The dawn will come, a reliable truth Though we may long to remain in our dreams But we still know that the … Continue reading A sonnet to my sleep #wwwblogs

The Scream

Up until this week, I've been feeling kind of like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0_NerqyZKo That's, of course, never how I want to feel. Although the screaming can be cathartic if you really go for it. 😉 This week, I'm starting to feel a bit closer to my goal. Instead of screaming like HeiHei, I'm a bit more: … Continue reading The Scream

Finding Your Balance ~ #MondayBlogs

I am a fairly clumsy person, so balance is a double-edged sword for me! Despite my abiding love of running, I do occasionally trip over thin air, invisible dogs, and score marks in the sidewalk. But, of course, that isn't the balance I'm referring to in my title above. I'm talking about that work/life/family balance … Continue reading Finding Your Balance ~ #MondayBlogs

It’s Only Gas…#MondayBlogs

My Monday blogging schedule has been hijacked.  I'm telling myself I have gas. I'm in the ER to make sure I'm completely overreacting to said gas (which is ominously lingering on the lower right side of my abdomen).  Lara is sitting here with me, waiting for a CT scan.  For a couple that spent our … Continue reading It’s Only Gas…#MondayBlogs