We force sense and logic refusing chaos her reign demanding dominance weaker than the elements and the wild claiming supremacy opposed to proof and evidence we name ourselves - organized, leaders, honest - pure nonsense living in denial of the world around us we are minions or tools subjugated to clocks forgetful of the journeys … Continue reading Nonsense

Carry On

We carry on through it all the endless climbs and the rough terrain we adapt to climate, light, and night to continue on our journey we celebrate the joys and shoulder our burdens at times so much more than we can carry but still we take that weight upon ourselves refusing to shrug or cast … Continue reading Carry On


Morning is guided by alarms and stopwatches living by increments of fifteen or thirty time to breathe or time to think time for coffee and a pause minutes for health and moments to create before the buzzer sounds structured in seconds and minutes and hours the days blur into one while human nature longs to … Continue reading Stopwatch