Morning is guided by alarms and stopwatches living by increments of fifteen or thirty time to breathe or time to think time for coffee and a pause minutes for health and moments to create before the buzzer sounds structured in seconds and minutes and hours the days blur into one while human nature longs to … Continue reading Stopwatch


A tumbling cascade breaks free into a rushing wave casting its spell upon everything it touches change upon change I stand in the deluge caught between willingness and reluctance swept away by the onslaught one more domino falling before the flood - Caroline A. Slee


My steps will wander weaving through paths finding walls or dead ends and false turns I retrace my steps considering the sameness that hides the path I seek journeying through mazes to find a new way forward - Caroline A. Slee

Decompression #MondayBlogs

Transitions shift us forward slingshot force and chaotic energy driving us into the next phase seasons shedding skin as we are refined into who we were meant to be pausing for breath decompression before the next endeavors - Caroline A. Slee

A Silly Story for a Saturday

Photo by David McElwee on I've been on my Spring Break this week. In teacher life, this is a week to catch up on the ever-snowballing list of things that need to be done at home, in my other work for Learning Without Scars, as well as a tiny bit of time for self-care. … Continue reading A Silly Story for a Saturday


Photo by Anthony on Hopeful There are moments when time seems to stop a suspended instant where the world shines we find clarity purpose hopeful in our direction a brightness to lead us along our path - Caroline A. Slee


The journey requires trust in all we cannot see the destination cloaked to hide from worried minds and searching eyes with stomachs full of butterflies and hearts resting over our voices we step into the unseen a descent into the unknown - Caroline A. Slee


We choose the face we wear masks we comfortably share each scene calling for a different view a different strength to push us through we cover our truth in the armor of invisibility wearing so many faces not our own until the masks become who we are and the self is no longer known - … Continue reading Masks


We rebuild gather every broken piece fragments of a life all the shattered memories sharp-edged emotion and our crushed hopes we rebuild but so much more we create new beauty from our phoenix ashes we celebrate the broken moments and transform them into new visions - Caroline A. Slee


The sunrise finds us in transit headlights slicing the dark eyes on the road dipping through predawn fog dust from the fields far from the city lights the sunrise finds us in silent commutes hurrying the day into being - Caroline A. Slee