Early Company

These early morning awakenings - The 4 a.m. starting times - used to be coffee and silence and words on the page now the alarm sets the day running I tumble from the bed and my shadows follow behind chattering at me setting a watch over me welcoming the day at my side - Caroline … Continue reading Early Company

Counted in Hours #MondayBlogs

Each day set in blocks hours unrolling a bumpy path of single steps Each day just a touch more than can be done counting in hours as time runs out Tasks compound an exponential growth always more waiting behind the present moment And our days unroll hour and minutes gone moments in a life overloaded … Continue reading Counted in Hours #MondayBlogs


Cliff walls surround us no path ahead no way to turn back fingertips bleed scrambling for a handhold a free climb we did not seek a view we do not chase a choice to continue to climb the insurmountable or let go fall into the unknown - Caroline A. Slee

Endurance #MondayBlogs

Training and transforming were not meant for the body the physical strength the quick sprints the endless hills all designed for the mind for the daily grind stamina to carry on - Caroline A. Slee


We start out complete solid as time begins the clock and life sets to work carving molding hollowing out our hearts - Caroline A. Slee

Long Paths

Fingertips fight the plunge hanging by a thread no knot to catch me no net to break my fall a steep journey on a long path counting days, hours, minutes, every breath to make it to the next - Caroline A. Slee


Time’s passage shifts us beyond all that we were bowing our limbs and forcing us to soften standing flexible before storms and change watching time’s transitions overtake us - Caroline A. Slee

Morning Symphonies #MondayBlogs

It all starts before awareness heartbeat drumming breath caught fast into harps that do not soothe and a dog’s whine the ticking clock chasing that heartbeat down cold, tile halls awareness finally comes a fog lifted with the cheerful hum of the coffee maker strange morning symphonies to bring us into the day finding readiness … Continue reading Morning Symphonies #MondayBlogs


The break between waves is less and less until we are swamped inundated staying afloat becomes a way of life while dreams withdraw retreat to the safety of silence and the quiet of secrets - Caroline A. Slee


Steps may be steady or shaky, on wobbly legs but still we make them whether we begin reluctant or energized still we move into each day with our own pace our own cadence perpetual movement into each goal a new leg of the journey as we forge ahead chasing our own lives - Caroline A. … Continue reading Movement