Looking Glass

Mountain lakes


We hold off the chill settling in for winter all fireplaces and blankets and twinkling lights We hold off the chill setting a light in the window a ward against the darkness inside and out We hold off the chill every stitch an act of love intention in our care to protect what matters most … Continue reading Purled

Aloha in a proverb #FridayPhilosophy

“Mohala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua – Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers.” - Hawaiian proverb

Queen Elizabeth II #FridayPhilosophy

“Grief is the price we pay for love.” - Queen Elizabeth II


With clear eyes our hearts can see at last love is all around us when we hold it within ~ Caroline A. Slee

The Calling

We hear it calling us on the wind Speaking each of our names when the skies are still A poem of hope, of future, of optimism Meant for ears that still listen to wonder We set forth on a road we are called to travel With only a glance for all we leave behind ~ … Continue reading The Calling

Rites and Resurrections

It is all spirit Returning to our source Finding strength in the unseen depths As we turn from shallow living ~ Caroline A. Slee

Fleur #wwwblogs

A daily visit Like a prayer Coming on the first touch of dawn Winging in on an open heart Both talisman and benediction A swift omen With a light touch And a flash of joy A reminder Of love ~ Caroline A. Slee

Promise #wwwblogs

We chase the promise As we imagine it to be Forgetting we are the creators The writers and the dreamers Who see promise In hostile lands We are the ones Who take the oath Make our vows And live up to them Remembering always Our hope is in our hands - Caroline A. Slee