Seeking the Sun

We cast aside our darkness turn our faces towards the sun like outstretched flowers chasing the light they need we shrug off winter’s burdens becoming light and bright with spring like a melting world shifting between the frost and the warmth we shift beyond our dormancy seeking the sun creatures of light, seeking light to … Continue reading Seeking the Sun

Horseshoes #MondayBlogs

Entrapped devils bargain for freedom rushing through promises of anything and everything while skill and talent look on in judgment knowing peace in the trap well-laid - Caroline A. Slee

Unwilling Icarus

Photo by cottonbro on The sun does not burn but melts us all unwilling Icarus no matter how far we fly how cautious we stay we cannot cheat the planets or the gods all of us victim to an angry star - Caroline A. Slee


The air shifts intention ripples a heavy thickness swimming through grief or static sizzling on the cusp of explosion laughter shimmers a lightness in the room easy breathing weightless the air carries the mood all of the energy collected washing over us in calm or fury - Caroline A. Slee


We awaken to intuition the sight that comes unbidden the world we see in shades and glows the fire of hidden knowledge our third eye opens to bring us vision the power forgotten beneath logic and pressure we see once more clarity and the real as intuition awakens our sleeping wisdom - Caroline A. Slee

Crown #MondayBlogs

Closer to divinity rising between worlds the crown lifts us upward shedding coils snakelike as mortality is cast off - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by KoolShooters on The sails are slack beyond a shrinking sky bruised purple sunset rising above the hills fog winds through empty streets rusted husks a graveyard of time tracking the years without meaning or hope the sails hang slack across the sky winking away into the nothing that remains - Caroline A. … Continue reading Dystopian

Diminishing #MondayBlogs

Photo by ph.galtri on Diminishing #MondayBlogs The horizon recedes always too far the distance does not shorten though the time does endless hours fruitless pursuit chasing the unreal while expending breath and heart and energy on each day's diminishing returns the keyhole closes the lung slams shut and the heart takes a final hero's … Continue reading Diminishing #MondayBlogs


Photo by veeterzy on Druid The trees hold wisdom in the cathedral of branches leaves lifting and falling praying hands knowledge whispered on shifting winds the trees will guide us to be rooted in the soil to be uplifted towards the sun that feeds the spirit the trees have the answers if we trust … Continue reading Druid


Photo by Harry Smith on Vulnerable Wind blasts across stone wearing it down our empty window frames welcoming the cold walls crumble defenses vanish in the face of all we cannot control the force of nature humbles us tears us down to our very roots until we do nothing but bend against the onslaught … Continue reading Vulnerable