Cleansing #MondayBlogs

Cleansing We make way for magic shifting the electricity in the air beyond retrograde and into reunions with those who came before we prepare our spaces cleansing the air purging our lives of all we no longer wish to carry feeling the build-up to wildness and freedom as once more we dance and live unabashed … Continue reading Cleansing #MondayBlogs

No Man’s Land

Somewhere between dream life and waking the body remains as the mind takes flight to everywhere a journey projected through stars and time’s fabric lifting us over worlds and worries the body wages its wars as the mind overcomes, over and again trapped between the dream life and waking - Caroline A. Slee


Loki With palaces rising from the bed of the sea and shimmering air playing tricks with the eye at once ally and enemy the scapegoat or star shifting reality to match a future known only to mischievous humors we puzzle through his actions and his methods seeking understanding where reason cannot prevail - Caroline A. … Continue reading Loki


Nyx Perhaps the night is victory flying over worlds and skies overtaking our busy lives with hours meant for quiet perhaps the night is stronger a spell more powerful than the sun spreading from the ancient goddess to conquer all she sees - Caroline A. Slee


I wait for the sound of drumming hooves the incoming sun pulled across the sky beginning its journey as I begin mine a new day still to rise and hours unspent ahead as gods and goddesses balance the world in the myths of today - Caroline A. Slee

Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs

The skies will lead us home or away navigators at heart drawn to the place we seek we stand on shores or gaze from mountains always pulled by that North Star the sun and moon and stars map the world and the seasons for harvest or for rest and we follow their guidance with our … Continue reading Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs

Waking Dreams

Flowing from the stats like rains over deserts dreams rest in heavy clouds a sometimes flood washes reality away leaving our vision clear with only purpose remaining waking dreams chase us through our days a reminder of the magic that waits for our awakening - Caroline A. Slee

Foreboding #MondayBlogs

Photo by Clive Kim on Foreboding We live in our civilized worlds forgetful of the world beneath us prideful in our dominion over all sinking into the illusion of power we ignore the warning signsas we trip blindly forward with our short-term vantage points we ignore instinct and foreboding believing ourselves more than animal … Continue reading Foreboding #MondayBlogs


We set ourselves against the stars finding delight in clouds and thin atmospheres we climb towards flight dizzying in our ascension birdlike in our triumph we take our places amongst the stars celestial explosive beyond all age we shine down onto a world remote filled with fire and memory - Caroline A. Slee

Omens #MondayBlogs

Gods smile upon us from sea and from sky omens of good shining over us the forgotten are rediscovered watching over us as we walk where the sand meets the sea and worlds align - Caroline A. Slee