The Harvest

Photo by Julia Volk on Dance to the sky rise up to the moon the mother provides with the harvest to nourish us and calm us in her arms goddess bound promised to the earth and the stars - Caroline A. Slee

A History Lesson #wwwblogs

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on A History Lesson Women are witches without proof or truth meant for the fire burned for existence Women are ornament without voice or consent meant for the male gaze that gives legitimacy Women are free to breed, but not choose to exist, but with a smile to work, but … Continue reading A History Lesson #wwwblogs


The fields hold the memory of each passing footfall as the sun sinks to the horizon and houses sit vacant but for the ghosts of what was roaming halls and rooms that were their own we live in a world of shades past lives and unheard voices surrounding us, waiting for our eyes to finally … Continue reading Shades


Windswept into cooler minds and calmer bodies after chaos ends Wind washed into smooth seas Drawn by the moon towards sky and stars - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Curioso Photography on Our veins run cold upon the winter winds a systemic shift into lower energy we stoke our fires with calm breath melting frostwithdrawing into self to conserve all we need the wildlings rest hibernation isolation until a new thaw brings us back into this world - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on We never ask for uniformity finding pleasure in the flaws the ripples racing across cool surfaces taking us elsewhere with a smooth touch candles burning low and incense a memory upon the air genuflection and novenas statues and silence a door that closes at the whim of hatred while … Continue reading Anointed

Ashes #MondayBlogs

Photo by Dexter Fernandes on Pillars of smoke raining their ash down onto the Earth to start over again reborn through the fire gilded by each scar we walk through a darkened world our skin covered in ashes our eyes half-blind within the swirling cataclysm we salt the Earth start anew and rise again … Continue reading Ashes #MondayBlogs

The Bay #MondayBlogs

The world closes off as we move towards the shore distant ships following invisible lanes another supply run to a faraway land As morning waves invite play swim, and surf and outriggers as bodies move in poetry the daily ballet of light casting its spell on the shore and calling us all to worship - … Continue reading The Bay #MondayBlogs

The Mule

Photo by LN Dangol on The Mule The journey itself is burdened glorious plans beautiful spectacles and the weight that comes with all of it -- The journey itself is burdened chock full of the places and all the faces we miss each day -- The journey itself is burdened all the things we … Continue reading The Mule


Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on A pinch to the back of the neck intuition diving into the tangible, the visible to shout us awake skin starts its crawling alarm begging us to stop to come to attention like all of the baby hairs up and down the arms standing upright a claxon sounding in … Continue reading Crawling