The Bay #MondayBlogs

The world closes off as we move towards the shore distant ships following invisible lanes another supply run to a faraway land As morning waves invite play swim, and surf and outriggers as bodies move in poetry the daily ballet of light casting its spell on the shore and calling us all to worship - … Continue reading The Bay #MondayBlogs

The Mule

Photo by LN Dangol on The Mule The journey itself is burdened glorious plans beautiful spectacles and the weight that comes with all of it -- The journey itself is burdened chock full of the places and all the faces we miss each day -- The journey itself is burdened all the things we … Continue reading The Mule


Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on A pinch to the back of the neck intuition diving into the tangible, the visible to shout us awake skin starts its crawling alarm begging us to stop to come to attention like all of the baby hairs up and down the arms standing upright a claxon sounding in … Continue reading Crawling


Beyond the smoke of baelfire drums rumble in a rhythm calling us to battle sweat runs a sooty flow against steel and skin a war that marches inevitably as we watch the East for a dawn that fell before us centuries ago - Caroline A. Slee


We are born warriors at the ready standing fast against the storms unflagging in our energy We are born warriors angelic and fierce an unstoppable force stitching the fabric of the world - Caroline A. Slee


The way forward is unclear with just a hint of a path we reach the part of the journey that demands faith a challenge to each of us to continue to take the next step though the world around us has grown vague hazy as haunted grounds with boggy ground and shifting branches we travel … Continue reading Hazy


The sky’s fire shades the moon a harvest to come as we rest below - The solstice fire colors the night sky pulling the moon like the tide to a far horizon - Caroline A. Slee


The world locked out hidden away behind stone and glass standing fast against centuries of havoc and wind and every element our fortress dominating the sky - Caroline A. Slee


The last of the day reaches for a few moments more all life, and beauty, and fire that stillness and peace before transformation before the stars take their place and elevate our dreams - Caroline A. Slee

Vantage Point

The sea twins the sky colors of dawn rise across the water as the clouds are painted in a rosy peace the city awakens emerging from the dark hours ready to meet each other once more the sea holds the sunrise in its mythical embrace as day creeps across the morning sky - Caroline A. … Continue reading Vantage Point