The Path Chosen

It may be more difficult a steeper grade a strenuous climb but the views exhilarate and the accomplishment gives us light feet as we continue to journey a path others will not take - Caroline A. Slee

Chasing Oxygen

Training the lungs fighting scars and aches recreating the body into a new machine meant for mountains and the sky - Caroline A. Slee


Steps may be steady or shaky, on wobbly legs but still we make them whether we begin reluctant or energized still we move into each day with our own pace our own cadence perpetual movement into each goal a new leg of the journey as we forge ahead chasing our own lives - Caroline A. … Continue reading Movement

Peaks #MondayBlogs

It all went without question in that fairytale time just another goal to set my aim yet doubt sets in through the middle distance winding its way through every scene it hides the path ahead beneath heavy clouds and fog until I wonder - at myself - at this love of the climb - at … Continue reading Peaks #MondayBlogs

Talking to Myself

Photo by Shakhawat Shaon on The scary stories that bracket our rest anxiety and the dull flame of its gaslight eyes stay open ears attuned to every sound as breath becomes pain and the heart sets a marching beat - Caroline A. Slee

Grounding #MondayBlogs

Just breathe into the universe acceptance and letting go with each cycle inhaling the calm releasing the clutter struggling forward into self-care despite the battle of distractions and tasks just breathe and be in the moment that is everything we find grounding in our far-reaching roots - Caroline A. Slee

Velvet #MondayBlogs

The planet tilts infinite shifting to the finite limits lined up like bumpers sending us on our rebounding ricochet to another rolling expanse new views and new skies over our sameness as we feel the changes that have overtaken us creases and cracks marring the surface muddying the waters we tread - Caroline A. Slee

Counting Down

The day fades away sun sinking below the horizon stars take flight and clouds scuttle past a dreamscape run amok as the hours fly past a blur set to warp with the knowledge that time stops that the world slows and the axis tilts beneath the horizon line that approaches with every reluctant breath split … Continue reading Counting Down


The day will arrive when we recognize the cliff faces and mountainsides are the journey and our steps and hard-beating hearts are the wings that carry us to each new summit and over rocky terrain easy is long forgotten but the thrill the challenge the journey is our purpose no matter the steep path ahead … Continue reading Buttress

The Mule

Photo by LN Dangol on The Mule The journey itself is burdened glorious plans beautiful spectacles and the weight that comes with all of it -- The journey itself is burdened chock full of the places and all the faces we miss each day -- The journey itself is burdened all the things we … Continue reading The Mule