No Man’s Land

Somewhere between dream life and waking the body remains as the mind takes flight to everywhere a journey projected through stars and time’s fabric lifting us over worlds and worries the body wages its wars as the mind overcomes, over and again trapped between the dream life and waking - Caroline A. Slee


We travel along the waters taken by the current at once drifting and flying if waters are lazy or a rush we fight the current shaping our direction to end at the same point only slightly less battered we drift or we fly carried by something more powerful surrendering our fight to a force of … Continue reading Current


Perhaps the adage “heal thyself” hit the target in every way a reminder of our power and the knowledge we hold but convenience drives us to forgetfulness leaving movement behind as we praise the modern - food, drink, automation - losing our bodies in the bargain ~ Caroline A. Slee

There Are Days…

There are days when my voice fades off tired of the answers tired of the musts there are days when rebellion boils in my heart done with the experts done with the gold standard there are days I am ready to shrug off responsibility to turn my back on all I should do in favor … Continue reading There Are Days…


A tumbling cascade breaks free into a rushing wave casting its spell upon everything it touches change upon change I stand in the deluge caught between willingness and reluctance swept away by the onslaught one more domino falling before the flood - Caroline A. Slee

Knocking #MondayBlogs

The proverbial comes knocking knocking at my door no judgment nor any limits just that knocking at my door my heart finds bravery a brace of fire to stand up tall with my chin held high as opportunity swift and fleet brings itself knocking at my door - Caroline A. Slee


Portals Who can say what waits for us as we ready to pass through such a simple act of choice opening up new worlds who can say what we leave behind as we step forward one small action changing our path and our future - Caroline A. Slee

Decompression #MondayBlogs

Transitions shift us forward slingshot force and chaotic energy driving us into the next phase seasons shedding skin as we are refined into who we were meant to be pausing for breath decompression before the next endeavors - Caroline A. Slee

Fearless #MondayBlogs

Once you realize your lungs have transformed that gills exist where your humanity fades you become a fearless creature treading where you doubted finding no place that does not belong to you what goes bump in the night fears you when it feels the pressure wave of your approach you transform fearless into the powerful … Continue reading Fearless #MondayBlogs

Driving #MondayBlogs

Driving into the stars chasing night’s distant light perpetual forward motion into all of the sparkle and fire Driving into the stars we climb beyond our limits find the fire within ourselves and join that celestial light - Caroline A. Slee