We are carried by water tidal creatures floating and flowing with the moon fluid in our movement we are born of water buoyed by hope chasing the light within - Caroline A. Slee


Galaxies overflow spilling into each other chaotic actions thrown into an uneasy ballet worlds collide predictably nothing can surprise us as we pour ourselves out overflowing with energy to be spent - Caroline A. Slee

Headfirst #MondayBlogs

The time for caution has moved behind us a thing of the past the small lives swept inside boxes and lines expand into the world stepping outside expectation we plunge headfirst into the present moment starting the wave that will become future self - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com Hopeful There are moments when time seems to stop a suspended instant where the world shines we find clarity purpose hopeful in our direction a brightness to lead us along our path - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com Pranayama For it is breath that steadies us breath that nourishes a deliverance a restoration to bring us back to center - Caroline A. Slee


I sail into storms in my tiny boat ill-equipped for chaos navigating by sight I push through winds armed with oars and effort while waves tower and my boat is swamped bailing water fighting onward seeking only to stay afloat filled with knowledge that stopping is doom knowing that rest means I will surely drown … Continue reading Swamped


It is time to step outside expectation beyond the schedule into the magic of creation and potential leaving behind the hoops we jumped the flames that honed us moving into future with intention purpose driven by what lives inside us to find our own way - Caroline A. Slee

Suppression #MondayBlogs

The lungs resist oxygen as the body resists the world the attempt at life in an inhospitable climate inherent strength is gone a thing of the past facing system failure in a half-life twilight seeking drive searching for hope wishing for ground that could steady but still I resist acceptance refusing still another new normal … Continue reading Suppression #MondayBlogs

Into the Wind

We set our prow into the wind setting fast against the storm riding every wave glimpsing sky between towering walls battened down and tied in committed to the journey no matter our fear - Caroline A. Slee

Dreams Return

Survival is not enough in the span of everything breathing free is a gift a bliss we forget until we begin the slow suffocation of the air as it fails us dreams return quiet or unspoken a secret we keep to ourselves casting our circle smaller to guard that small flame - Caroline A. Slee