Counting Down

The day fades away sun sinking below the horizon stars take flight and clouds scuttle past a dreamscape run amok as the hours fly past a blur set to warp with the knowledge that time stops that the world slows and the axis tilts beneath the horizon line that approaches with every reluctant breath split … Continue reading Counting Down


The day will arrive when we recognize the cliff faces and mountainsides are the journey and our steps and hard-beating hearts are the wings that carry us to each new summit and over rocky terrain easy is long forgotten but the thrill the challenge the journey is our purpose no matter the steep path ahead … Continue reading Buttress

The Mule

Photo by LN Dangol on The Mule The journey itself is burdened glorious plans beautiful spectacles and the weight that comes with all of it -- The journey itself is burdened chock full of the places and all the faces we miss each day -- The journey itself is burdened all the things we … Continue reading The Mule


The way forward is unclear with just a hint of a path we reach the part of the journey that demands faith a challenge to each of us to continue to take the next step though the world around us has grown vague hazy as haunted grounds with boggy ground and shifting branches we travel … Continue reading Hazy


Over an afternoon or a morning’s idyll the fire of evening as day vanishes below the water a dawn which breaks into the spectrum of a rainbow the when shifts the time blends until only memory remains - Caroline A. Slee

Vantage Point

The sea twins the sky colors of dawn rise across the water as the clouds are painted in a rosy peace the city awakens emerging from the dark hours ready to meet each other once more the sea holds the sunrise in its mythical embrace as day creeps across the morning sky - Caroline A. … Continue reading Vantage Point #MondayBlogs

stead·fast/ˈstedˌfast/adjective resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering."steadfast loyalty" - Oxford Languages Steadfast We are unflinching in the face of adversity rising to the strenuous on the fire of our own stubbornness Open hearts giving us clear vision of a path forward though the road ahead climbs We are steadfast committed to our world-building loyal to … Continue reading #MondayBlogs

White Strands

Time is creeping into my mirror my hair showing winter in its strands swaths of snow overtaking the dark around a face no longer young Time is creeping into my vision white strands spilling through my hands a transformation of increasing speed white strands rushing in like so many runaway trains Time is creeping into … Continue reading White Strands

Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

Photo by Rachel Xiao on Our dreams were too heavy a burden unbearable weighing down the world with each ponderous step Our dreams were too heavy sinking beneath the waves an endless drowning figure ghostlike in the gloom Our dreams were too heavy sinking cities, tearing down the stars etched upon our hearts as … Continue reading Sinking Cities #MondayBlogs

Stronger #MondayBlogs

Photo by Enric Cruz López on It begins in the quiet - the breath the thought the moment of choice - and then takes us upward, climbing pushing beyond our imagined limits stronger than we knew stronger than we dreamed in those quiet breaths we are forged steely and sharp in our softness and … Continue reading Stronger #MondayBlogs