Spice and Shift

Even the air carried a new scent as the wild in us returns ready to run the woods and howl at the moon in season shift and autumn’s energy - Caroline A. Slee

Do Not Disturb #MondayBlogs

I guard my sleep as though my life depended on it setting a watch powering down beginning a ritual well in advance I set guardians at the gate an aggressive do not disturb waving a sign for all to stay away as my body seeks healing restoration I guard my sleep like riches buried away … Continue reading Do Not Disturb #MondayBlogs


The currents tug at us landlocked and surrounded setting us into a spin sending us drifting every which way finally rocking us to lullaby sleep - Caroline A. Slee

The Path Chosen

It may be more difficult a steeper grade a strenuous climb but the views exhilarate and the accomplishment gives us light feet as we continue to journey a path others will not take - Caroline A. Slee


Heartbeat to breath and breath to calm the body creates a space to heal from the day mind becomes background anxiety’s endless chatter before the steady flow of the body taking its time - Caroline A. Slee

Counted in Hours #MondayBlogs

Each day set in blocks hours unrolling a bumpy path of single steps Each day just a touch more than can be done counting in hours as time runs out Tasks compound an exponential growth always more waiting behind the present moment And our days unroll hour and minutes gone moments in a life overloaded … Continue reading Counted in Hours #MondayBlogs


We rocket on set in a forward course locked into the future we cannot yet see all hope without evidence and a path obscure - Caroline A. Slee

Waiting in the Dark

We do not see the watcher’s eyes waiting in the dark seeking the moment our guard has fallen our soft bellies exposed we do not see sharpened claws waiting in the dark honed to razors deadly weapons waiting for the vulnerable minute we do not see tooth and fang aiming for our throats predator stalking … Continue reading Waiting in the Dark


Cliff walls surround us no path ahead no way to turn back fingertips bleed scrambling for a handhold a free climb we did not seek a view we do not chase a choice to continue to climb the insurmountable or let go fall into the unknown - Caroline A. Slee


We cannot breathe the air a toxic haze surrounding us as we continue the madness dispelling our poisonous habits into a world ready to shrug us off - Caroline A. Slee