We forge identity futures realities within pages and words creating by fire or by frost to bring others along on our journey place may shift temperaments may change but the story remains a part of our DNA as we pound away at keyboards hone the idea into a shape and bring forth a world in … Continue reading Smithy


We set ourselves against the stars finding delight in clouds and thin atmospheres we climb towards flight dizzying in our ascension birdlike in our triumph we take our places amongst the stars celestial explosive beyond all age we shine down onto a world remote filled with fire and memory - Caroline A. Slee

Knocking #MondayBlogs

The proverbial comes knocking knocking at my door no judgment nor any limits just that knocking at my door my heart finds bravery a brace of fire to stand up tall with my chin held high as opportunity swift and fleet brings itself knocking at my door - Caroline A. Slee

Rainbows and Palm Trees

The comfort of the familiar as our pace changes and our rhythms shift to mesh with island life a respite before the return to “having it all” by doing it all around the clock in our madness but in this moment we have the sun and the waves and the space around us a break … Continue reading Rainbows and Palm Trees

Sunset Beaches

The world drifts to bed in shades of fire as waves crash and tides build the world drifts to bed on a flash in foam and blue bringing us to the depths where we can at last breathe - Caroline A. Slee


New things bloom in the fertile soil we have tilled and labored over with years of our sweat we green our own grass pause to smell the flowers and lift our faces to the sun in gratitude - Caroline A. Slee

Omens #MondayBlogs

Gods smile upon us from sea and from sky omens of good shining over us the forgotten are rediscovered watching over us as we walk where the sand meets the sea and worlds align - Caroline A. Slee


The world beyond our walls waits for no one but remains in its wildness holding life in its greenery teeming with music from the trees never resting in its movement - Caroline A. Slee


My life has been spent chasing breath since before memory before choice life uprooted to find sweet air to fill the lungs I adjust my pace my location my days in pursuit of oxygen careful sips musical in their quality as I’ve waited for vessels to expand my whole life has been spent chasing breath … Continue reading Pulmonary

Old Magic

There are spaces you feel the journey of all who walked before lands where it is not safe to speak your true name the forests breathe as giants sleep and old magic waits to be unlocked again - Caroline A. Slee