Photo by Roberto Nickson on The Earth is alive a shifting rolling moving creature flowing outward toward the sea carried upon herself a river of soil blending into the rain sending her face into a network of creases the eons of age worn beautifully for all to see this living Earth breathing her air … Continue reading Alluvial…

Darkening #wwwblogs

Photo by Andrew Beatson on The sea and sky marry together in clouds and tides and moods the wind warns us of stormy weather between the darkening stars and shore we stand in the crush of waves and storms scream our ferocity into the ether becoming the storm, the sea, the sky leaving the … Continue reading Darkening #wwwblogs

Dark Highways

Lane lines flicker in the glare of our headlights as we cut the darkness like a knife chasing taillights over the distance the dark highways call me to drive to journey to grip the wheel and remember when I was wild and answered the call of the road whenever the song whispered for me - … Continue reading Dark Highways

The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs

Photo by Caroline A. Slee The Longest Miles The effort seems unending waiting for that rush the release of endorphins to lull the self into comfort The hills grow steeper and the sunlight harsh on sweat-slicked skin losing salt on the climb Relief will come after the longest miles trembling legs standing atop the valley … Continue reading The Longest Miles #MondayBlogs


Photo by Element5 Digital on My mind locks in the data each memory coded and codified a Dewey Decimal system of memory the hurts are buried in the deepest files relegated to the back of the darkest corner my life filled with words some my own and some foreign to me but all sifted … Continue reading Archives


Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Night never falls into true darkness the inky blackness perforated by ancient lights the desert floor aglow as that midnight light flows downward across the years - Caroline A. Slee

Competing Voices #WWWBlogs

Photo by Anete Lusina on Your truth is still the truth no matter who denies it it is meant to be spoken not choked downlike so much poison reappearing later in all its toxic glory Your truth is still significant no matter how many try to silence it it is meant to be shouted … Continue reading Competing Voices #WWWBlogs


Photo by Lukáš Dlutko on Double vision is a strange treachery a trick of the eye meant to deceive carried on the clarity of silvered glass a contradiction of all that will come to pass We see in carbon copies of all that is a sad duplicate of our present reality twice fooled before … Continue reading Twice

The Desert Sea #MondayBlogs

Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh on We learned that water could die cut off from its source isolated in the name of progress at the mercy of engineered damswe watched the skies fill a toxic cloud blooming as sea levels dropped we felt our lungs tighten seeking the air amid the poison we bore the … Continue reading The Desert Sea #MondayBlogs


Photo by Sachin C Nair on We are reborn in water and light our breath restored We are brand new shining creatures dawning with the day We are reborn casting off the darkness leaving behind our past - Caroline A. Slee