Rainbows and Palm Trees

The comfort of the familiar as our pace changes and our rhythms shift to mesh with island life a respite before the return to “having it all” by doing it all around the clock in our madness but in this moment we have the sun and the waves and the space around us a break … Continue reading Rainbows and Palm Trees

White Noise

Asleep in a world away drowning out the noise and clutter allowing my mind into free fall and no structure limbs spread like a starfish at sea white noise blanketing me away from the outside erasing everything that seeks me for disruption - Caroline A. Slee


Before the yoke was fitted fastened over strong shoulders the body was not a tool but an experience of the world Before the load was burdening us resting on our drive and purpose goals were not a checklist but an adventure unfurling around us If Atlas gave a careless shrug perhaps we can do the … Continue reading Oxen

Crisis #MondayBlogs

We hang on the sharp edge of emergency and danger strong fingers holding fast to slippery ledges We create our own crises one missed opportunity at a time rushing through boundaries and ignoring all warnings Until at last we choose peace a slower pace a life now spent living in full breath and full hope … Continue reading Crisis #MondayBlogs


We sell happiness with sunny pictures bright spaces asking for imagination without thought for the next moment We promote peace sharing blue skies and calm seas without a hint of storms or swells We forget what comes next the after to each moment the sigh for each breath the regroup before we gather our scattered … Continue reading After


Small shifts push into change a gentle motion to heal the body rest to restore and a surface to support us until pain falls away and strength returns - Caroline A. Slee


We cling to scraps swift moments of time leftover meant for us to be living in the gaps between tasks and obligations there is time meant finally for us - Caroline A. Slee

Ceaseless #MondayBlogs

We journey we forge we push ahead Onward and forward and upward at once we find strange virtue in the strain and the burden we praise the hours without rest or pause or breath subverting the living into chore and task replacing purpose with mindless labors - Caroline A. Slee


The ground shifts a moving platform we fight for balance a tightrope walk far from the sky - Caroline A. Slee


Churning Butterflies in my stomach with razors for wings morning in a race to beat the clock breath shortened heart rate heavy wrapped in chains created in my own mind churning waters as I try not to sink head above water with leaden limbs - Caroline A. Slee