We celebrate the seasons grateful for each shift something of our ancestors rising through our memories the body knows the rhythms of nature and shifting climes as we toil in modernity while leaves turn and let go we celebrate the seasons but tame the wildness within as day and night share the hours and the … Continue reading Mabon

Sunset Beaches

The world drifts to bed in shades of fire as waves crash and tides build the world drifts to bed on a flash in foam and blue bringing us to the depths where we can at last breathe - Caroline A. Slee


New things bloom in the fertile soil we have tilled and labored over with years of our sweat we green our own grass pause to smell the flowers and lift our faces to the sun in gratitude - Caroline A. Slee

Chasing Zen

We sound the bells soften our gaze seek to become the flow of our breath we labor dedicate our effort push and drive toward calm counterpoint to zen holding opposition to our goal the tug of war between desire and logic it is only when we stop chasing zen that we actually arrive at our … Continue reading Chasing Zen


The connection remains below the surface one land forming a chain linked in their creation in their standing in their strength to withstand storms though waves rise high and winds scream their rage this land remains fertile soil for us to plant new roots and grow something new from the destruction of the past - … Continue reading Islands


Photo by Sami Anas on Vibration When distraction falls away and human voices fade nature speaks her language a rhythm like a pulse an ancient heartbeat drums a vibration layered over everything something we can only hear when we turn our listening inward when distraction falls away the Mother speaks to us whispering through … Continue reading Vibration


Hamsa We fall under the gaze of so many eyes ready to cast judgment ready to mark our time ready to clock our actions with authoritarian bearing - But the gaze is harmless the judgment without force simply observation a bark without bite meant to sway and intimidate - We stand, protected immune to evil’s … Continue reading Hamsa


The soft clouds blanket our awakenings as the river flows impassive to our labors mornings fade into day as the sun overtakes our vision a sweet loss we practice daily as our limbs lengthen and warm mornings fade to evening and nightfall as we see the trail we’ve left accomplished at peace walking our authentic … Continue reading Mornings

Wave By Wave

Photo by MARCO DE ASSIS on Wave By Wave It is time to cast ourselves into the waiting seas to weather storms and rising tides afloat in an ocean alone it is time to gather our courage and set out into the unexpected resisting our resistance to change and to the new before we … Continue reading Wave By Wave


My spirit leaves my body unconfined sailing above white-tipped waves feeling the spray of saltwater my spirit flies above the light boundless and without limit carrying me home after weary days - Caroline A. Slee