Shore Break

Resistance at an end carried upon the waves a creature of currents and depths ceasing the fight against nature - Caroline A. Slee


Our linked hands the connection twining fingers building the bridge - Caroline A. Slee

Chief Luther Standing Bear #FridayPhilosophy

โ€œThe elders were wise. They knew that manโ€™s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; they knew that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to lack of respect for humans, too.โ€ - Chief Luther Standing Bear


We are born warriors at the ready standing fast against the storms unflagging in our energy We are born warriors angelic and fierce an unstoppable force stitching the fabric of the world - Caroline A. Slee

Without End

The world stretches beyond our gaze beyond our thoughts a reaching ocean an endless embrace trailing over distant shores reconnecting us to who we were - Caroline A. Slee

The Almost Summer #MondayBlogs

Photo by Tom Fisk on In the not-quite-spring we live in this almost summer a cliffhanger a pause the breath that is held until we find our calm In the not-quite-spring of this almost summer we worship the sun in its gentler months as life returns and the world shines its green In the … Continue reading The Almost Summer #MondayBlogs


Photo by Roberto Nickson on The Earth is alive a shifting rolling moving creature flowing outward toward the sea carried upon herself a river of soil blending into the rain sending her face into a network of creases the eons of age worn beautifully for all to see this living Earth breathing her air … Continue reading Alluvial…

Casting Color #MondayBlogs

Photo by Miro Alt on There are days the world is a watercolor soft hues, and weeping shadows standing in sharp contrast to the angles of stress bold colors slashing across vision fields we create our own landscape casting color and shape across our mind imagination forming the world our heart experiences abstract impressions … Continue reading Casting Color #MondayBlogs

Morning Fire

Photo by Amine M'Siouri on Before the dawn we set the light firing the day into being shaping the future with intention and hope birthing fire into breath and power creation grows forged with pressure and heat living as its own sun as our morning fire invokes the day setting a guardian over us … Continue reading Morning Fire

Ripples on the Water #WWWblogs

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Ripples on the Water I know I am not the first along this strange journey my steps and shadows joining so many before we dig down, we dig deep to find our momentum an endless forward push against all resistance we leave behind our ripples on the water setting … Continue reading Ripples on the Water #WWWblogs