Wave By Wave

Photo by MARCO DE ASSIS on Pexels.com Wave By Wave It is time to cast ourselves into the waiting seas to weather storms and rising tides afloat in an ocean alone it is time to gather our courage and set out into the unexpected resisting our resistance to change and to the new before we … Continue reading Wave By Wave


My spirit leaves my body unconfined sailing above white-tipped waves feeling the spray of saltwater my spirit flies above the light boundless and without limit carrying me home after weary days - Caroline A. Slee


We awaken to intuition the sight that comes unbidden the world we see in shades and glows the fire of hidden knowledge our third eye opens to bring us vision the power forgotten beneath logic and pressure we see once more clarity and the real as intuition awakens our sleeping wisdom - Caroline A. Slee

Crown #MondayBlogs

Closer to divinity rising between worlds the crown lifts us upward shedding coils snakelike as mortality is cast off - Caroline A. Slee

The Wheel of the Year #MondayBlogs

Photo by Ashley Fontana on Pexels.com The Wheel of the Year Time is a story told in cycles of light seasons of rest and seasons of bloom time is a story told by the old gods a candle through the dark ushering in change time is a story known by farmers and the wilderness all … Continue reading The Wheel of the Year #MondayBlogs


Photo by Gotta Be Worth It on Pexels.com Shroud The world awakens wrapped in the night covered over with stars and low clouds she does not cast her shroud aside - Caroline A. Slee

Gird #MondayBlogs

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com Gird Sanctuary is a ring a wreath in bloom a greening spring Peace is but a winding road an empty beach your hand to hold Strength is found in silent skies before the wind comes raging by Sanctuary is a ring to keep us safe within it holding everything … Continue reading Gird #MondayBlogs


Photo by Deeana Arts on Pexels.com Doorways We give little thought to our coming and going a simple passage through an open door Yet each transition each close and open brings us closer to who we mean to be Time slips by water rushing through our hands and we must choose the doorway that comes … Continue reading Doorways


The way falls between beyond the narrow path outside the limits of binary thought seeking more than right always the next step always the further turn no lesser challenge no greater hope than our own journey - Caroline A. Slee


We bring the outside in and shut out the cold with cheer and firelight and family at home we decorate the tree annual pagans for a season taking time for joy in winter’s long nights - Caroline A. Slee