There are days when my voice fades off tired of the answers tired of the musts there are days when rebellion boils in my heart done with the experts done with the gold standard there are days I am ready to shrug off responsibility to turn my back on all I should do in favor … Continue reading There Are Days…

There Are Days…

“Fear is the mind-killer.” - Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert #FridayPhilosophy

Nyx Perhaps the night is victory flying over worlds and skies overtaking our busy lives with hours meant for quiet perhaps the night is stronger a spell more powerful than the sun spreading from the ancient goddess to conquer all she sees - Caroline A. Slee


I wait for the sound of drumming hooves the incoming sun pulled across the sky beginning its journey as I begin mine a new day still to rise and hours unspent ahead as gods and goddesses balance the world in the myths of today - Caroline A. Slee


A tumbling cascade breaks free into a rushing wave casting its spell upon everything it touches change upon change I stand in the deluge caught between willingness and reluctance swept away by the onslaught one more domino falling before the flood - Caroline A. Slee


The skies will lead us home or away navigators at heart drawn to the place we seek we stand on shores or gaze from mountains always pulled by that North Star the sun and moon and stars map the world and the seasons for harvest or for rest and we follow their guidance with our … Continue reading Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs

Sun and Moon and Stars #MondayBlogs

“i am water soft enough to offer life tough enough to drown it away” - Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur #FridayPhilosophy

The world is not a monster ready to consume the marrow of our bones it is people who do that the world itself does not hunt treating women as prey in a twisted sport it is men who do that the world is not danger and darkness overshadowing the sun and skies but human blame … Continue reading Open Spaces

Open Spaces

My steps will wander weaving through paths finding walls or dead ends and false turns I retrace my steps considering the sameness that hides the path I seek journeying through mazes to find a new way forward - Caroline A. Slee


Spoken We whisper worlds into being filled with color and cool air creation’s birth across a page the strange spell-craft of character and plot as we invoke a crowd within an empty room those whispered, written words shattering stars into a new universe - Caroline A. Slee