Photo by on Creating their own rhythm a dance meant for endurance guiding breath into purpose setting the heartbeat's pace cadence driving the day shifting the journey to a parallel path chasing the horizon as we leave the chaos behind - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Harry Smith on Vulnerable Wind blasts across stone wearing it down our empty window frames welcoming the cold walls crumble defenses vanish in the face of all we cannot control the force of nature humbles us tears us down to our very roots until we do nothing but bend against the onslaught … Continue reading Vulnerable


Photo by Pixabay on "Angry is just Sad's bodyguard." - Liza Palmer

Liza Palmer #FridayPhilosophy

The path ahead is out of sight hidden behind each hairpin turn climbing blindly towards an unknown destination for every inch forward we fall back once more switchbacks doubling our time taking us through pain more than once telling us it is time to find a new road instead of this endless journey going nowhere … Continue reading Switchbacks


Photo by Татьяна Чернышова🍒 on One thousand eyes to cover the spectrums everywhere all at once the madness that takes over emptiness in its path the chaos that does not create nothing blooming in its dust the dream-destroyer as spirit fades and memory seeks to resurrect what no longer remains - Caroline A. Slee

Chaos Madness

Photo by SHVETS production on Gird Sanctuary is a ring a wreath in bloom a greening spring Peace is but a winding road an empty beach your hand to hold Strength is found in silent skies before the wind comes raging by Sanctuary is a ring to keep us safe within it holding everything … Continue reading Gird #MondayBlogs

Gird #MondayBlogs

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Nascent The air breathes a sigh a release, temporary relief and the earth grounds us a root system radiating into ever greater spaces we see with new eyes feel the air upon our faces ready for the pursuit of the steady steps we have chosen a chance to take … Continue reading Nascent


Photo by Deeana Arts on Doorways We give little thought to our coming and going a simple passage through an open door Yet each transition each close and open brings us closer to who we mean to be Time slips by water rushing through our hands and we must choose the doorway that comes … Continue reading Doorways


It is time to step outside expectation beyond the schedule into the magic of creation and potential leaving behind the hoops we jumped the flames that honed us moving into future with intention purpose driven by what lives inside us to find our own way - Caroline A. Slee


We do not name ourselves identity chosen from the hopes of another we spend a lifetime named and renamed all from the mouths of others but we hold a secret name close to our own hearts we do not share it with those who seek to shape us with their words a language a calling … Continue reading Identity #MondayBlogs

Identity #MondayBlogs