Raise up your voice forte without fear do not silence yourself for the comfort of others raise your voice in harmony with your tribe or in counterpoint to your opposition for life is a song and you were meant to sing stepping to center stage and feeling the music flow through you - Caroline A. … Continue reading Chanter #MondayBlogs

Chanter #MondayBlogs

Neither years nor memory can wash away what was standing on the steps of history forgotten neither sun nor snows shall hide us from the before facing all the yesterdays that join us here and now we reminisce we invoke we raise it all from the dead dust returned to bone as the clock spins … Continue reading Reminisce


Asleep in a world away drowning out the noise and clutter allowing my mind into free fall and no structure limbs spread like a starfish at sea white noise blanketing me away from the outside erasing everything that seeks me for disruption - Caroline A. Slee

White Noise

To hold another language is to hold a second mind a shift in thought with conjugation and memory it is to find your second self within the one you knew there all along but hidden from your knowledge lost in the translation of you - Caroline A. Slee “To have a second language is to … Continue reading Translation


Photo by Rudolf Kirchner on Pexels.com We turn away from human voices ears attuned to magic we yield to tides and drift from shore lulled by songs unheard drawn by the depths we only imagined until we return home once again - Caroline A. Slee

Lulled by Songs

Before the yoke was fitted fastened over strong shoulders the body was not a tool but an experience of the world Before the load was burdening us resting on our drive and purpose goals were not a checklist but an adventure unfurling around us If Atlas gave a careless shrug perhaps we can do the … Continue reading Oxen


Driving into the stars chasing night’s distant light perpetual forward motion into all of the sparkle and fire Driving into the stars we climb beyond our limits find the fire within ourselves and join that celestial light - Caroline A. Slee

Driving #MondayBlogs

We hang on the sharp edge of emergency and danger strong fingers holding fast to slippery ledges We create our own crises one missed opportunity at a time rushing through boundaries and ignoring all warnings Until at last we choose peace a slower pace a life now spent living in full breath and full hope … Continue reading Crisis #MondayBlogs

Crisis #MondayBlogs

What if the songs were not destruction but instead truth must we deafen our ears be tied to the mast imprison ourselves rather than hear the sweet freedom of honesty unvarnished tempting us into the boldness of who we are - Caroline A. Slee

Masts and Songs

The sun will set upon us all whether we will more hours into being or rue the hours their length The sun will set upon the world in our separate stages and spaces chasing time around the globe The sun will set to close the chapter to push us to take up our pens and … Continue reading The Sun Will Set

The Sun Will Set