The air shifts intention ripples a heavy thickness swimming through grief or static sizzling on the cusp of explosion laughter shimmers a lightness in the room easy breathing weightless the air carries the mood all of the energy collected washing over us in calm or fury - Caroline A. Slee

Breathing the Air #MondayBlogs

Photo by Helena Lopes on We stretch our hands up into the sky reaching for the dawn as our lungs expand greedy gulps of air readying ourselves for the race into the tasks of the day - Caroline A. Slee

Bodies of Water

Stars stitch A veil A sky sea barrier Shading blues apart Into separation The moon overcomes a midnight power Shaping the waters We flow with the moon glassine surfaces Unfurling into the sky A river moving upstream Kissed by the air We are elemental of the earth Goddess born From water and air Stoking fires … Continue reading Bodies of Water