Who Am I? #MondayBlogs

Right now, after that title, I can tell you I feel like Jean Valjean. 😉 Fortunately, there won't be any snappy prisoner number at the end of this blog. I do reserve the right to throw in a gratuitous "42" somewhere. When I had my daughter, I became a personal trainer. Most reasonably sane people … Continue reading Who Am I? #MondayBlogs

The Fortress of Solitude…#MondayBlogs

It’s not quite as exciting as I’ve made it sound with the above title. Upon receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, feelings of isolation can be overwhelming. This holds true not only for the patient, but for caregivers and family members of the patient. It often feels as though no one can understand the experience except … Continue reading The Fortress of Solitude…#MondayBlogs

We Are the Champions…Another Public Service Announcement

The American Cancer Society predicts that there will be approximately 233,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer this year. Of those estimated cases, around 40,000 will result in death. Although age is a factor in breast cancer risk, there are so many individual factors at play that the statistical averages don't really paint a very … Continue reading We Are the Champions…Another Public Service Announcement