Autumn Bonfires

Even the gods celebrate winter’s approach setting fire to the sky as dusk comes casting clouds to cool the sun for these autumn bonfires as nights stretch long into morning - Caroline A. Slee

Spice and Shift

Even the air carried a new scent as the wild in us returns ready to run the woods and howl at the moon in season shift and autumn’s energy - Caroline A. Slee

Breaking Autumn #MondayBlogs

Somewhere the leaves turn dancing before rain burnished by the wind copper beneath the sky Somewhere the winds shift bringing down an arctic chill cooling a planet on fire moving us into transition Somewhere is another me parallel to this life in the here and now donning a sweater against the dawn as autumn breaks … Continue reading Breaking Autumn #MondayBlogs

The Middle Point #MondayBlogs

Between Autumn's soft kissand the shortest nightwe fall into celebration. The pace of nature draws us back into the warm circle of her embrace. Between leaves turningin their golden, slow dancewe find a new rhythm. We prepare for winter'spale remonstrationsand ready ourselves for long nights. And the starts look onimpassive and stillwhile earth's children set … Continue reading The Middle Point #MondayBlogs

Invoking Autumn #MondayBlogs

The heat is a type of madness Driving us to desperation Invoking new seasons With prayer and spell and forgotten, ancient dance The heat is a weapon Felling forests and sparking flames Beyond our control Beyond our fight We long for the break In the relentless sun We long for the coolness Of early mornings … Continue reading Invoking Autumn #MondayBlogs

Shifting Seasons

We find moments of autumn As spring emerges A gentle reminder That the cycle continues. In the day-to-day when we may feel burdened The seasons Are always shifting: Nurturing us In their rhythm Carrying us forward On changing winds - Caroline A. Slee

Friday Philosophy…Autumn

As these last muggy, soupy days of desert summer are strangling their way out, I cling to the fact that Autumn is right around the corner: the land of blue jeans, and cooler air, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and my wedding. (Plan faster!) So, today I want to share some quotes about my favorite season, … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Autumn