Happy International Women’s Day! #FridayPhilosophy

I love celebration. A doctor once told my Tumor Raider and I that you should jump at every chance for a celebration, and today we celebrate women. So, quotes in honor of the day: "To tell a woman everything she cannot do is to tell her everything she can." ~ Spanish Proverb "We realize the … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day! #FridayPhilosophy

Struggle and Reward #FridayPhilosophy

Anything worth achieving takes work. I think it's safe to generalize that we all know that. But sometimes, in the middle of that toil and struggle, we can't see the goal or reward. So, some quotes to help us all keep going, with (hopefully) a bit of optimism. 😊 "Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today … Continue reading Struggle and Reward #FridayPhilosophy

Tuesday Thoughts…New Normal #ArchiveDay

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while probably remember how much difficulty I had with the concept of my "New Normal." Of course, the delivery of that term was less than stellar. A therapist who asked me what my goals were in recovery from breast cancer told me that I would … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…New Normal #ArchiveDay