The Sweetness #wwwblogs

When our longest days lasted well into the night that Northern magic giving us a late twilight we roamed like wild things careless but cautious running through a world gone tame the sweetness of those times so easily remembered with the sweetness of berries once grown wild a pause by the wayside for a small … Continue reading The Sweetness #wwwblogs

Superfoods! (They need fancy capes.)

Superfoods. What do they do? What are they? Can they imbue us with superhero-like powers?! Okay, maybe not that last one. 😉 According to Wikipedia (because "superfood" doesn't appear in the dictionary, surprise) "...superfood is a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits." This term is sort of a "fluff" term. Scientists … Continue reading Superfoods! (They need fancy capes.)