To Be Honest…#MondayBlogs

I guess the teenagers do this little "to be honest" game on their facebook accounts. I always advise people to tell the truth, and I tell the truth - even when it's uncomfortable. I call myself a "cancer coach." Or, if necessary, a cheerleader. Or, just a listener. So, here's the truth. - In 2011, … Continue reading To Be Honest…#MondayBlogs

In Memoriam…Tuesday Thoughts #ArchiveDay

I can’t sleep. I’ve broken the rules: had a large dinner, a glass of wine. Played a video game dance contest with friends. My brain still spins. The obsessed cat – a guest in my home – is buried, face-first, in my breasts. He gives the occasional grunt and purr in his sleep and tries … Continue reading In Memoriam…Tuesday Thoughts #ArchiveDay

The Tattoo That Saved My Life…#MondayBlogs

Wisdom from the Breast Cancer Trenches/A Small #PublicServiceAnnouncement I like tattoos. I only have two tattoos, mind you. But I do like them. For my 18th birthday, I bought myself a small tattoo of a rose. Before my friend moved out of state in 2011, we went together to get her first tattoo and my … Continue reading The Tattoo That Saved My Life…#MondayBlogs