Taking time


Savasana the breath before the storm as daily chaos retreats a world become silent as breath and thought entwine holding strong against the interruptions that never cease - Caroline A. Slee


My life has been spent chasing breath since before memory before choice life uprooted to find sweet air to fill the lungs I adjust my pace my location my days in pursuit of oxygen careful sips musical in their quality as I’ve waited for vessels to expand my whole life has been spent chasing breath … Continue reading Pulmonary


Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com Pranayama For it is breath that steadies us breath that nourishes a deliverance a restoration to bring us back to center - Caroline A. Slee

Respiration #MondayBlogs

Morning and night and night and morning I spend my time with a machine breathing and re-breathing and forcing salt into the lungs all for the push of air morning and night and night and morning the air chokes up in my lungs breathing through flutters and forcing violent coughs for obstruction and impediment to … Continue reading Respiration #MondayBlogs


Heartbeat to breath and breath to calm the body creates a space to heal from the day mind becomes background anxiety’s endless chatter before the steady flow of the body taking its time - Caroline A. Slee

Tree Pose

I root myself plant my feet find a balance I do not have I lift myself at the ready my posture pulled higher towards the sky my lungs open wide my breath becomes an ocean flowing in and out to fuel my body as I stand newly tall one with nature in my soul ready … Continue reading Tree Pose

Exhale #MondayBlogs

Whisper life Out between the lips A curse or a prayer Fire from the lips of preachers A balm from the words of mothers Lies from the seat of fickle strength And a promise From the power yet to come ~ Caroline A. Slee


The breath is all A fullness A quieting of the mind In resting stillness We are guided by breath Eyes closed A glowing power Shining outward Healing us Healing the world Healing our hearts Of the darkness That has flown The breath cools A soothing release As the body Rejoins the spirit ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Zen