Wounds #MondayBlogs

My wounds Hold weight And have a memory Of their own The sun burst through And cast brightness Into the dark Of what was broken A shadow cast Where dreams once walked Until the light Came from me Shining through the broken spaces Brightening the darkness That stole sunshine - Caroline A. Slee

Broken #wwwblogs

They start early Forming us Into the shape that is most pleasing For that is the role we are supposed to play. They feed us thoughts Every single day Of the ideal we should reach The impossible we should become. They break our spirits For our own good Because a brood mare and a work … Continue reading Broken #wwwblogs

The Windy Season

The storms that come Bring no release All hope is dormant We rest quiet Broken In so many ways Digging deep For spirit To rise again We are cast about Facing into the wind Remembering easier days As we push and strive Always forward No matter the heart We cannot find ~ Caroline A. Slee