Before the yoke was fitted fastened over strong shoulders the body was not a tool but an experience of the world Before the load was burdening us resting on our drive and purpose goals were not a checklist but an adventure unfurling around us If Atlas gave a careless shrug perhaps we can do the … Continue reading Oxen

The Mule

Photo by LN Dangol on Pexels.com The Mule The journey itself is burdened glorious plans beautiful spectacles and the weight that comes with all of it -- The journey itself is burdened chock full of the places and all the faces we miss each day -- The journey itself is burdened all the things we … Continue reading The Mule

Spread Thin #MondayBlogs

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com The sky is spread thin to cover us without end stretched farther than possibility to allow the light to shine through Life is spread thin to maintain this strange balance stretching farther than reality to allow for everyone to survive The sea is spread thin burdened by our cares … Continue reading Spread Thin #MondayBlogs