Breathing the Calm

Morning meditation

Chasing Zen

We sound the bells soften our gaze seek to become the flow of our breath we labor dedicate our effort push and drive toward calm counterpoint to zen holding opposition to our goal the tug of war between desire and logic it is only when we stop chasing zen that we actually arrive at our … Continue reading Chasing Zen


We sell happiness with sunny pictures bright spaces asking for imagination without thought for the next moment We promote peace sharing blue skies and calm seas without a hint of storms or swells We forget what comes next the after to each moment the sigh for each breath the regroup before we gather our scattered … Continue reading After


The air shifts intention ripples a heavy thickness swimming through grief or static sizzling on the cusp of explosion laughter shimmers a lightness in the room easy breathing weightless the air carries the mood all of the energy collected washing over us in calm or fury - Caroline A. Slee


Heartbeat to breath and breath to calm the body creates a space to heal from the day mind becomes background anxiety’s endless chatter before the steady flow of the body taking its time - Caroline A. Slee

Live Wire #MondayBlogs

My lungs do not breathe air but crackle with fire and energy my heart on a racetrack wired to the next sprint my body finds no stillness no rest a live wire dancing electric as I long for the calm and quiet I cannot find - Caroline A. Slee

Muddling Along #MondayBlogs

The day-to-day world makes demands and calls those demands “life” we rush, we hustle, we go without pause while the real world waits beneath the smoke and mirrors of all of the “oughts” and “supposed to” we muddle along, doing what’s right forgetting that “right” was defined by illusions the world waits for our awakening … Continue reading Muddling Along #MondayBlogs


Photo by Pixabay on The body knows its own medicine: the air so clear and fresh tea to pass the quiet hours and rest for the weary laughter until the sides ache smiles until the face is creased weathered through time and weathering the elements healing the small fractures in our calm - Caroline … Continue reading Prescription


There is a space Within the world For breath To expand the lungs For the next item On the endless lists To fall away There is a space Occupied by calm Where the skies Stretch wide And water flows There is a space We forget Amidst the chaos And obligation Until we close our eyes … Continue reading Calm