The Almost Graduation, & Two Different Perspectives #MondayBlogs

From the annals of breast cancer, through the eyes of my children.

Works In Progress! The Happy Writer.

I am living in two worlds right now, from a writing standpoint. I am making progress on "The Cancer-Free Trainer." This is a step-by-step overview to what worked for me in recovering from my cancer treatment. It's the movement and exercise that helped me get back to my body again. In other words, this is … Continue reading Works In Progress! The Happy Writer.

In Memoriam…Tuesday Thoughts #ArchiveDay

I can’t sleep. I’ve broken the rules: had a large dinner, a glass of wine. Played a video game dance contest with friends. My brain still spins. The obsessed cat – a guest in my home – is buried, face-first, in my breasts. He gives the occasional grunt and purr in his sleep and tries … Continue reading In Memoriam…Tuesday Thoughts #ArchiveDay

It’s Hard to Look Sexy Wearing a Compression Sleeve…Tuesday Thoughts

Really, that title explains it all, doesn't it? Or, nearly so. I had a phenomenal run this morning. It was the kind of run where I felt almost as if I could just go forever (I didn't) and pull a marathon distance (didn't do that, either). I showered and got ready for work. Part of … Continue reading It’s Hard to Look Sexy Wearing a Compression Sleeve…Tuesday Thoughts

It’s Just Another Manic…

Yep, you all know it! Other than ending up with the Bangles stuck in my head all day, I am attempting to write an actual decent bio for my website. It had never occurred to me (until today) that it is much, much easier to write everyone else's biography. I think that we are all … Continue reading It’s Just Another Manic…