We set ourselves against the stars finding delight in clouds and thin atmospheres we climb towards flight dizzying in our ascension birdlike in our triumph we take our places amongst the stars celestial explosive beyond all age we shine down onto a world remote filled with fire and memory - Caroline A. Slee

Mirrored #MondayBlogs

We walk upon the sky, light of heart and bright of spirit. We find ourselves within the silence, a quiet calm. We seek a world of wholeness. Finding beauty outside of division. We become the fabric of the sky. Wrapped in stars and shining celestial. As transformation heals our energy, and lifts us heavenward once … Continue reading Mirrored #MondayBlogs

Cosmic #wwwblogs

The stars sink downa slow spread across the earthtaking the celestialinto the mundane We forget to look upand so what is abovesurrounds usuntil our blindness leaves We are cosmic creaturesstitched from heavenly clothwalking magic and miraclesset upon the ground We hold the stars, the skies, and the seaswithin our boundless heartswaiting for the single sparkto … Continue reading Cosmic #wwwblogs