Angels weep


We force sense and logic refusing chaos her reign demanding dominance weaker than the elements and the wild claiming supremacy opposed to proof and evidence we name ourselves - organized, leaders, honest - pure nonsense living in denial of the world around us we are minions or tools subjugated to clocks forgetful of the journeys … Continue reading Nonsense


Windswept into cooler minds and calmer bodies after chaos ends Wind washed into smooth seas Drawn by the moon towards sky and stars - Caroline A. Slee

Chaos Interruption

Photo by Steve Johnson on Chaos Interruption When morning song shifts into a screech discordant melody ending the beauty peace falls apart and the quiet disappears into the chaos of anxiety taking over once more - Caroline A. Slee


Destruction spirals the perfection of chaos transformation unasked and unwanted and absolute ~ Caroline A. Slee

The Introvert #wwwblogs

Exertion Pushes me Within a crowd A light burning on Amidst the volume Frenetic Fatigue chases me Weighing on my words Turning my food To dust In my mouth But, oh, the bliss Of solitude waiting A chance To spit out The bitter ends Of every murmur And every distraction That tears At my mind … Continue reading The Introvert #wwwblogs

Coincidence #wwwblogs

Our minds cannot accept the strange accidents every day can bring to us We seek reason through the madness and the rational above all else We spend years pushing down our instincts and anything that cannot be explained We look for the pattern in the chaos to make sense of it all Never accepting mere … Continue reading Coincidence #wwwblogs

Mercury Retrograde…#MondayBlogs

First of all, I never actually know when Mercury is in retrograde. Usually, this sort of mayhem sets in, and lasts long enough that I finally voice the question, "what on Earth is going on these days?" Then, some kind soul will tell me in an offhanded way that Mercury is in retrograde. So it … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde…#MondayBlogs