Experience transformed

Under Construction

Photo by Rachel Claire on We build and rebuild each iteration closer to strength to our imaginings to the world we create We build and rebuild each moment stronger finding clarity of thought peace of spirit a health in the body We build and rebuild a life requirement tireless in the face of weariness … Continue reading Under Construction

We Should Be Impossible

We should be impossible Finding our way Though we are not welcome Building a path Through mountains and concrete Planting our roots Where they ought not grow We should be impossible Forgotten and cast aside Yet quietly starting to flourish Despite that impossibility We create the possible Whether in anger Or despair Or stubborn hopefulness … Continue reading We Should Be Impossible

How About Now? #MondayBlogs

The world does not wait And time stops Only for the romantics As the rest of us toil And chase end of day We must begin And begin again When our efforts Fall short Always starting To grab opportunity Hold fast To our chances And create the life We long to see Our beginning is … Continue reading How About Now? #MondayBlogs