Gazing #wwwblogs

Through a gazing ball we hold all sight Past, today, and yet to come Clarity breathes into every corner with light As we speak in truth and power So many would seek to blind our eyes Cloaking reality in smoke As their tongues preach destructive lies Molding a world after themselves We dance in abandon … Continue reading Gazing #wwwblogs

The Dance ~ #wwwblogs

We can find our way in the dark those sentinels stand tall obliterating stars calling out to us in a music that makes the blood rise with memories we have set aside Though we bury ourselves in logic and push our intuition aside there is a pulse keeping time inviting us into our own, old … Continue reading The Dance ~ #wwwblogs


Our feet grow heavy with grief and so we begin to dance Our minds cloud with fear until we transform Every minute a whisper of hope against impossible odds Moving with instinct flowing like water Boundless we create our shape and chart a map unexplored Our hearts rise bright against mourning opposing forces lifting us … Continue reading Lightness…#MondayBlogs

Julie Andrews…Working Out

For those of you who watched the Oscars, how about Lady Gaga and her medley from the Sound of Music?! We are pretty huge fans of Julie Andrews around here. When Maddie and Moses were very small, I introduced them to The Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins, and The Princess Diaries. Julie Andrews as … Continue reading Julie Andrews…Working Out