Chittering and Chattering

Morning comes with a thousand conversations outside my window between melodies and squawks a chittering between sky dives the trees resurrected from their slumbers the wing flashes across the almost summer sky cheering the dawn on her progress with chattering liveliness and joyful cacophony morning comes with a thousand conversations - Caroline A. Slee

Rise and Shine

Sound fills the silence Distant chimes Ringing in the winter winds An owl calling Her song to the night Coyote chatter dwindling As dens are found once more Morning is still hours away As my feet tiptoe Across cold tile Not even a hint of sunrise Breaks the darkness Stars hold brightly To the sky … Continue reading Rise and Shine

Around the Clock…#MondayBlogs

Witching hours or the wee hours of darkling dawn find me discovering realms in the textured ceiling The early interruption 11 at night time for reading time for writing time, always more time Early morning lists routine and enthusiasm drowning insomnia in coffee and exercise While the silent knowing remains Death watches closer than we … Continue reading Around the Clock…#MondayBlogs