Wandering over maps without prescience no navigation to take us forward with any certainty life happening in the gaps without gps without compass an internal sense of direction North is imagined foresight has gone blind maps and charts just the raving scribbles of those who dreamt they ruled the world for after all names were … Continue reading Uncharted

Approaching Hours

The seasons change And harvest comes Followed by the night We tell spirits To pass on by Superstition Ancient fears Buried in our daylight smiles Hiding behind social niceties Somewhere a drum beats Somewhere the fires burn And a priestess chants A prayer of protection As we hustle And we bustle Always seeking to outrun … Continue reading Approaching Hours

Do you know Ingrid?…#MondayBlogs

What happens when mental illness and a wall of family denial intersect? Ingrid happens. She's easy to miss, because those of you who know the reference are probably looking for a Michelle Pfeiffer lookalike. I know I used to. But sometimes life throws a strange curveball your way, and you find yourself in the odd … Continue reading Do you know Ingrid?…#MondayBlogs