The Other Side #MondayBlogs

Crumbled stone and hollow lands remnants of life all that remains unkind history paints the tableau with harsh truth instead of history’s tones the other side of humanity the chaos, destruction, and the climbing the pride in everything but living the steep price of success - Caroline A. Slee

A Pale Horse #WWWblogs

He never dreamed He carried our doom Drumming hooves Over fields - We watched his approach Passive, unmoving Remembering the lessons Of the past And closing our eyes to them - Willful ignorance Carried on a pale horse The perversion of virtue Holding forth In hallowed halls - While we chased Our greed And cheerfully … Continue reading A Pale Horse #WWWblogs

After the rains #wwwblogs

We become an alien planet All drowned life And destruction After the rains We have to work To find what was Washed clean In the wreckage Of what was washed away ~ Caroline A. Slee