The house will fall all that was solid gone to cards and toothpicks the heart has gone out of it and the dreamer has awakened rudely without warning to find she is a cipher a ghost in what would have been her home and so without hesitation without a pause seamlessly the haunting will commence … Continue reading Smashing


The balance tips a shift in power our time is at an end the Earth goes on casting us out rejecting the dominion we have claimed the wilderness returns by slow inches at the start until nature holds sway over sea, soil, and sky the balance tips towards the inevitable washing our tracks away - … Continue reading Dominion

Return #MondayBlogs

The world reclaims her own Our passage here no more We are temporary Fleeting in our creations And the destruction that follows But the Earth, the Mother, She is timeless Patient as she watches our struggles Unfold and repeat In endless ignorance As we chase ego Before wisdom We replace emotion With materialism But all … Continue reading Return #MondayBlogs

Empires #MondayBlog

The power was an absolute A rule meant for forever Each tomorrow seemed so certain In the narrow view of this empire The future could never bring Any undoing of plans or dominion For decrees and armies and fear Assured each god-king would hold sway But tyrants fall before time And thrones are toppled by … Continue reading Empires #MondayBlog