Trail Run

Photo by Rido Alwarno on A slow climb into victory into beauty Effort and exertion to transform to strengthen A meditation a prayer a breath before fire As the body in motion finds its engine - Caroline A. Slee


Winded, I rise to the sky chasing the oxygen in the air deflated, breathless, graying out staggering a winding trail through polka-dotted space Winded, I cut through the waters trying to create a practice of breath entering and leaving these laboring lungs despite the damage they claim Winded, I fight with the ropes at my … Continue reading Lungs


My legs grow wearyof this endless workof days spent climbingto nowhere Exertion blurs into heatso that I cannot tellif I rise or descendto a plateau No, there is only the climbthe effort, the workwith a reward invisiblelocked in a someday My legs grow wearyand so I must resthere in this somewherebefore me. ~ Caroline A. … Continue reading Climbing