We seek faith A structure To mark the path We tread Awakening To miracles In unexpected spaces And plain angels Who stumble across us Every day Our eyes catch The slices of light Breaking through the fog Of rhetoric And anger Until we grow light Of heart Light of worry We find the self At … Continue reading Pilgrimage

Dark Wishes #MondayBlogs

They only see the darkness Allow it to consume Never realizing where That whisper they heed Arises They spout scripture As a curse Dragging their God Into murky crafts Forgetting redemption Prayers driven by bitterness And faith twisted Into poison Never quite reaching Its target But wreaking destruction On its holder: The one who turns … Continue reading Dark Wishes #MondayBlogs

Translation #MondayBlogs

Simple words rearranged Will cast us into darkness The Bible has been translated More than 600 times Every one of those A change from what was written 450 different translations For the English alone And somewhere in those words Rewritten and rewritten over Millennia We move the message Further back into damnation Stepping away From … Continue reading Translation #MondayBlogs

The Sinners #MondayBlogs

We bow our heads In plain sight Such heresy That we lift up our prayers We are the faithful The Christ-filled Yet still flawed And lodged in human form Angelic in a Heaven Imagined by a mind Impossibly obscure To our own thoughts We cannot divine The Divine And here divinity Is a course To … Continue reading The Sinners #MondayBlogs

Rocketing Riot ~ #wwwblogs

Power remains unseen But felt like a deep tremor through the earth as like recognizes like and power calls to power a circle united once more protection victory a spiritual pyrotechnics defying logic While everyday people whisper "it cannot be real" denial eclipsing faith obscuring that knowledge we bury within So much safer to pretend … Continue reading Rocketing Riot ~ #wwwblogs

Raising Feminist Children…#MondayBlogs

"Feminism: the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men." Definition from dictionary.com. Now we're clear on what feminism is, right? Before I invoke the wrath of Rush Limbaugh, here's what feminism isn't: it's not a question of either gender "un-sexing" themselves to be more like the other. … Continue reading Raising Feminist Children…#MondayBlogs

Tuesday Thoughts on Loss…

My Tuesday thoughts are little heavy this week. A friend of mine had a death in her family, and the ensuing conversations have left me pondering life. I have to say, I'm just amazing and so thankful for the wonderful people I have in my life: there has been an outpouring of the very best … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts on Loss…