Armor #wwwblogs

It was not made for us: The shield And the armor They were built for men In the blindness of history Not recognizing That women fight wars too The shield and the armor We donned Were unwieldy and ill-fitting When first we took the field So we adjusted We gathered what we could And made … Continue reading Armor #wwwblogs


The palm tree knows How to weather storms Though she started out small Just a cluster of fronds Pushing up through the sand She reaches vast heights A skyward journey As winds whip across the desert Her trunk sways Through the gales And her height Becomes angled steps The more she has seen The more … Continue reading Crooked

Sentimental #MondayBlogs

It is only as I begin My journey That I realize A path has been laid for me There are footprints I can follow The perfect shape and size For my own tentative Steps A trail that was blazed By serious Unsmiling women Who gave me the room For my joy Without them My freedom … Continue reading Sentimental #MondayBlogs

Shimmering Scales #MondayBlogs

Those human voices Over and over Human voices With lost humanity They shift our shimmer Into colder depths Sinuous swimmers We dive in our play Bubbles breaking towards the surface Chasing those voices That speak such careless words They have forgotten As we sink further That words Make powerful magic Sending empires tumbling Into ruin … Continue reading Shimmering Scales #MondayBlogs


My spirit joins In that underwater dance All impulse And momentary delight In the solitude Of the deepest blues A somber celebration Easily overlooked Still that underwater ballet Persists Without an audience A beauty ignored Although not hidden Disregarded But carrying on A celebration Too little, too much Too "something" for someone But so perfectly … Continue reading Submerged

Knights #wwwblogs

There were days Our only armor Was to paint our skin Before striding Into a battle And the today Where we might be hidden Behind subtler paints But no less Ready for the battle To be waged Delicate and fierce Whether slight or imposing We entered a knighthood Unspoken and ignored Because warrior women Could … Continue reading Knights #wwwblogs

Only a Girl #wwwblogs

"She won't be hard to beat. She's only a girl." Except: I'm not Not only a girl Not "only" anything No less than No silence No weakness on the field I'm the dark horse And the alpha And the victor who will not yield Underestimated And consistently unsung The weaker sex at every turn But … Continue reading Only a Girl #wwwblogs

Skin #wwwblogs

The hours we celebrate This skin that stretches around us Are fleeting at best And the years strip away What has been held before us As beauty We reach a finish line Barely even women anymore Unless we realize Each wrinkle Every scar And those deadly battles won Make us defiantly female Beyond the standards … Continue reading Skin #wwwblogs

Chatter ~ #wwwblogs

There came a moment just a sense of quiet when the woman walked out of the confines of her own life and embraced the wild living within It was not a fight or a struggle but the end to both that gave the final push out of the ordinary and into home With each step … Continue reading Chatter ~ #wwwblogs

You Will Find Me #MondayBlogs

Where the road ends and the sky kisses the earth it is there you will find me dancing the steps an ancestor knew greeting the moon with my wild kin Where civilization stops and the wildness takes hold it is there you will find me living in spirit and holding fast my truth Where the … Continue reading You Will Find Me #MondayBlogs