Ashes #MondayBlogs

Photo by Dexter Fernandes on Pillars of smoke raining their ash down onto the Earth to start over again reborn through the fire gilded by each scar we walk through a darkened world our skin covered in ashes our eyes half-blind within the swirling cataclysm we salt the Earth start anew and rise again … Continue reading Ashes #MondayBlogs

Morning Fire

Photo by Amine M'Siouri on Before the dawn we set the light firing the day into being shaping the future with intention and hope birthing fire into breath and power creation grows forged with pressure and heat living as its own sun as our morning fire invokes the day setting a guardian over us … Continue reading Morning Fire

Dimness #WWWBlogs

The light casts its tiny glow Upon the oppressive gloom With dark skies above And darkness around us That spark of hope Seems all the brighter So bright we forget We are living flames We need only catch fire With our purpose and our power To cast the dimness away - Caroline A. Slee

Driving Force #wwwblogs

It was never comfort That drove me No soft dream To open the door But a pain That never subsided Until I ruled it And created it The screaming lungs The pounding heart The burning in all limbs Until the pain Submitted And admitted defeat Beneath the fire Of my drive And my desire - … Continue reading Driving Force #wwwblogs


The night is filled With moving lights A fascination Of visions We join the dance Become motion And create Our own light Movement Creates the fire That glows Candle bright On a winter evening We are all stars Seen up close Dazzling rays All on our own - Caroline A. Slee


Flightless only her flames soaring her legs stagger beneath the burden of her fire her body twists through the agonies of birth and rebirth in an eternal cycle sharp-edged and endlessly victorious two halves meshed together to make the woman who is not-quite-woman something more purified and fueled with every breath shaking off the ashes … Continue reading Phoenix

Wanderer ~ #MondayBlogs

I travel through the fire a flightless body with the soul unfettered I sink beneath time ghostlike through walls finally limitless clear-eyed magic my dreams lift me to drift with night clouds stars my body feeling diamond-bright I eavesdrop every whisper of every voice until they become an unison choir a cappella with the thundering … Continue reading Wanderer ~ #MondayBlogs

The Devil’s Mother…#MondayBlogs

A teaser from the upcoming novel, Warrior, by Caroline A. Slee. Done poetically, just because. 😉 Star by star she shed her humanity and every trace of all that was angelic within The first skill mastered the last to die became her universe As heart died as breath subsided only fire remained And the destructive … Continue reading The Devil’s Mother…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Fire

"Sky above me. Earth below me. Fire within me."

Tuesday Thoughts…

Since it is already Tuesday again, I had to change this title. I wanted the alliteration of Friday Philosophy, but mostly just wanted to check in. Life is speeding up, faster all of the time, as the family events and work schedule start to pick up here. This is definitely a good thing. Still, I … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…