The Frogs Are Singing #MondayBlogs

I miss the lively nights sparkling with fireflies while the frogs sing - our mountain owl has fled the desert for cooler climes and darker skies - the coyotes slumber refusing the music of their haunting choir in favor of the shade of darkened dens tucked far away - I miss the lively nights though … Continue reading The Frogs Are Singing #MondayBlogs

The Gloaming

The night will come alive After twilight's passing Pinpricks of light In the fireflies An electric hum From cicadas dying High above in the trees And the mockingbird Singing the songs of men From his invisible perch Welcoming the night Casting their magic To hold back the sun Until they lose their nightly battle Once … Continue reading The Gloaming

Spark #wwwblogs

The jars stand Empty now The memory Of summer nights All they hold A hum Of fireflies Flickering And delighted children Laughing In that summer darkness ~ Caroline A. Slee