A tumbling cascade breaks free into a rushing wave casting its spell upon everything it touches change upon change I stand in the deluge caught between willingness and reluctance swept away by the onslaught one more domino falling before the flood - Caroline A. Slee


Each day brings a warning with a promise of rain looming threats in rushing water too fast for the thirsty soil to gather what it needs the mountains weep as roads wash away while we remain in safety here on the desert floor without a drop of water - Caroline A. Slee

Building Forts… Tuesday Thoughts

When I was a child, I loved building forts. My dad could make them, in feats of engineering know-how, out of one afghan (we were in Canada, and it was cold), and the cushions of our sofa. With one small cushion from the arm of the sofa, he created a sliding door that could give … Continue reading Building Forts… Tuesday Thoughts