Frida Kahlo #FridayPhilosophy

“Feet, what do I need them for If I have wings to fly.” - Frida Kahlo


Footfalls strike a rhythm Against the drumbeat My heart sets Every edge of anxiety Smoothes away Disappearing behind my heels When the fire sets in It hits my legs Before it moves into my lungs And it is there In the pain and exertion That I find myself on the road And my smile rises … Continue reading Counter/Encounter

The Chase –

Foreboding Is just another form of challenge a victory waiting just beyond the limits of imagination We give chase and we vanquish the demons that rise from the earth ready to tangle our feet and lead us to stumble   And it is then we open our wings and fly ~ Caroline A. Slee


My eyes drawn left found a raven awaiting my return dawn was falling with cool winds rising my limbs longed for freedom and my heart was riding crashing waves as at last at last I began to run casting off my shackles growing lighter with each step winging through the skies a creature not of … Continue reading Need

The Edge…#MondayBlogs

Our lives entwine enmesh along a tightrope A terrifying balance between thrill and death above the fray We hold a useless prop before thousands of amazed eyes We know half more than half long to see the fall There are no clowns to save the show no circus to accompany our defiance Only the strength … Continue reading The Edge…#MondayBlogs