Whispers on the Water

Photo by Jess Vide on Pexels.com Whispers on the water a prayer to a watery goddess whispers on the water for blessings carried to every shore whispers on the water for balance and sureness a million voices carried upon every cresting wave whispers on the water to carry me home - Caroline A. Slee


The tension creates beauty across weeping strings plucked by the hands of the goddess crying a lullaby to soothe the spirit ~ Caroline A. Slee

The Sky’s Call

The mind must listen true, if we seek to see and understand all that is invisible to the world but known and familiar to the spirit There is a song that is playing far off beyond our judgement a chant, a hymn, a prayer to the goddess as we elevate into the good We answer … Continue reading The Sky’s Call


They called it witchcraft: healing, gentleness, knowledge and skill That early medicine, not to be trusted. As years flew by knowledge was left behind lost to fear and superstitions. Then they called it progress: a pill or a shot to replace what the mother gave to us a realm reserved for medicine: all antiseptic halls … Continue reading Sorcery

The Endless Why ~ #wwwblogs

Requested smiles and justifications a pretty pose of superficial pleasantry to ease and comfort everyone else a shoehorn and a tightly made mold in a shape not my own and a million voices clamoring for me to wedge myself into that oh so lovely shape as I shed my skin of civilization tattoo my hands … Continue reading The Endless Why ~ #wwwblogs

False Freedoms

Independence is a gift reserved for the very few And freedom is a myth for the masses Your differences make you a target a false name an object But you swim against currents and against tides Seeking a goddess only you sense free to be solitary Living in false freedom until your skin your shape … Continue reading False Freedoms

Lost and Forgotten…#MondayBlogs

Once upon a time - because that's how all of the good stories begin - once upon a time, there was power carried in the body of a woman. Life came from woman, it came through woman, and her very "selfness" was magic incarnate. The world recognized the goddess alongside the god, and the oneness … Continue reading Lost and Forgotten…#MondayBlogs


She is a dance a song a peaceful dawn She is the setting sun sharing the sky with an early moon She is the earth the air the fire and the water And none of these in the next breath She is the storm and the ground shaking beneath our feet Creator Destroyer Or anything … Continue reading Goddess…#wwwblogs

Bodies of Water

Stars stitch A veil A sky sea barrier Shading blues apart Into separation The moon overcomes a midnight power Shaping the waters We flow with the moon glassine surfaces Unfurling into the sky A river moving upstream Kissed by the air We are elemental of the earth Goddess born From water and air Stoking fires … Continue reading Bodies of Water

Women’s Voices…#MondayBlogs

Cassandra shouted Truth and prediction Yet none loved But her pretty face Singing the future with a voice given by the gods she knew too much The world does not long For fact or truth or self-preservation It longs for order A woman in her place Not mute but easily ignored A Cassandra who can … Continue reading Women’s Voices…#MondayBlogs