Rest #MondayBlogs

It is an afterthought that haphazard ending as day runs out of itself we are careless with these darkened hours choosing to be thoughtless to lose our sense of purpose in a punishing neglect of our own healing choosing to ignore recovery in favor of distraction forgetting the exact science of winding down while our … Continue reading Rest #MondayBlogs


The computer becomes just another window bringing the world indoors as I remain at home in a parallel space while chaos reigns outside. My existence is reduced to walls and a roof beautiful and comforting, yet still I pace the floors in an agitation trapped through no fault of my own. I wait for the … Continue reading Orders

Water #MondayBlogs

My body remembers What it is to be cradled When I close my eyes I see that world - dimmed and blurred Filled with no more Than the timing of each breath My body remembers The chill against my limbs Before the blood warms And the muscles fire My mind can see morning mist Hugging … Continue reading Water #MondayBlogs

One Week #wwwblogs

One week since I drove a car One week since I could breathe easy Yesterday marked First steps, out of bed, eyes facing light Nights are spent Sitting up Lungs laboring Against infection that burns Body wracked Muscles spasm and ache endlessly But demands await And life must resume Into the hurry up and go … Continue reading One Week #wwwblogs

Waiting #MondayBlogs

There are mountains In the distance Waiting To be climbed And a view Waiting Simply to be seen As we journey Through each day We feel that promise Waiting for discovery Waiting for a shift As we move From years Of playing it safe Into adventures And the unexpected Life is waiting For us to … Continue reading Waiting #MondayBlogs


The rhythm builds At my temples first And then accompanied by the muscles In my shoulders A drumbeat across my scalp With the sonorous bass Flowing downward Tension builds into a crescendo A crashing sound Bringing pain to its peak As my eyes seek clarity Through this cacophony A dissonant symphony Seeking its finale - … Continue reading Drumbeat

Missed Meditations

Drive is reduced To the essential Control of breath No matter the racing heart As we slice forward Through an underwater world Consciousness shifts And body renews A purpose in opposition To every landlocked step Taken in the day-to-day At this homecoming A return to self In the return to water A meditation to transform … Continue reading Missed Meditations


Life is challenge Arduous A climb whose end we cannot see And I forget Ferocity The spirit that fights We rise Exertion Forgetting the fun: To treat it as sport Functional fitness Each obstacle Overcome with breath And skill Until we remember We are warriors And we will not be Denied - Caroline A. Slee

Fatigue #wwwblogs

Perhaps someday I could return As a house cat Committed to naps And pampered with rest Instead of living This life of deadlines And alarm clocks Always just a little tired A little sleep-deprived As the day comes upon me - Caroline A. Slee


We each shoulder Burdens Some heavier Weightier in the comparison So we must ready ourselves For whatever Comes to us - Caroline A. Slee