Intention #MondayBlogs

No moment wasted -no time frittered away -every move an intention -with each uncertain step. Each breath a battle -deliberate in depth -every word an intention -issued in a shaky voice. Journeys move into new -days roll into night -every circle an intention -as we keep moving forward. ~ Caroline A. Slee


We shift our stillness Into peace And pull from time To rest in being Though plans will fail As expectations fall through We hold the intention Within our breath Slowing the minutes Into the deliberate While life demands Frenetic energy We stoke the fires Of our passions To build the visions Only we can see … Continue reading Intention

The Things I Miss:

Leaves turning Into fiery omens The playfulness Of season's change The air so cold It turns breath To a gasp For one shocked instant The peace of home Held close When simplicity ruled And hearts were true Time for intention And intentional words The song of my soul Whisper silent now - Caroline A. Slee