Troubles #MondayBlogs

The warning signs are everywhere A danger ahead: But only for some - In a world where power shouts over protest And wishing my death Stands as part of loving me All contradictions Lies must always be swallowed And only acknowledged as absolute truth A collective madness Infecting our every day Leaving people in mourning … Continue reading Troubles #MondayBlogs

A Lighthouse ~ #MondayBlogs

Inaction will not carry us to salvation Light travels everywhere from its lofty height And we steer our boats toward it chasing hope Our hearts lift at the sound of church bells Across the early morning and the memory of fog and rain While the lies continue spilling lifeblood That sinks into the soil joining … Continue reading A Lighthouse ~ #MondayBlogs

Creating Mythology…#MondayBlogs

So many directions for this one. I suppose I should start with the basics here, and then move on. What is mythology? According to Merriam Webster, mythology is "the study of myths." Surprise! Since that tells us nothing, myths (still according to MW) are "ideas that are believed by many people but that are not … Continue reading Creating Mythology…#MondayBlogs