Seeking the Sun

We cast aside our darkness turn our faces towards the sun like outstretched flowers chasing the light they need we shrug off winter’s burdens becoming light and bright with spring like a melting world shifting between the frost and the warmth we shift beyond our dormancy seeking the sun creatures of light, seeking light to … Continue reading Seeking the Sun


Light can be shifted reflected into patterns cast through a spectrum of brightly colored glass until the glow brings another world another time into this modern one cheering our eyes with warm visions - Caroline A. Slee

Dylan Thomas #FridayPhilosophy

“Light breaks where no sun shines; Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart push their tides.” - Dylan Thomas

Caution #MondayBlogs

Light your pathas you descendcast hope before youalong your way Celebrate the silenceas you ascenddeaf to the naysayersblocking your way ~ Caroline A. Slee


We seek faith A structure To mark the path We tread Awakening To miracles In unexpected spaces And plain angels Who stumble across us Every day Our eyes catch The slices of light Breaking through the fog Of rhetoric And anger Until we grow light Of heart Light of worry We find the self At … Continue reading Pilgrimage


The night is filled With moving lights A fascination Of visions We join the dance Become motion And create Our own light Movement Creates the fire That glows Candle bright On a winter evening We are all stars Seen up close Dazzling rays All on our own - Caroline A. Slee

Morning Run #MondayBlogs

Racing into stormy skies Past sleepy houses And laundry steam A world my own Domestic wildlife Dogging my feet As I give chase To dreams Piercing the storms With light ~ Caroline A. Slee

Friday Philosophy…Yule

On the 21st, the Winter Solstice, Yule officially begins. For Pagans, Yule was a celebration of light, in the midst of what is seasonally a "darker" time of year. When Christianity arrived, Yule traditions were appropriated into the story of Jesus and we began to commemorate the birth of Christ. I'd also like to add … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Yule


It's that time of year. Everyone is out doing last minute shopping, while trying to remember the reason for this holiday. I thought I'd go for the history lesson. Yule was a pagan holiday that was absorbed into the Christian tradition of Christmas. Yule was basically significant because it coincided with the Winter Solstice, meaning … Continue reading Yule…#MondayBlogs

Thursday…Throwback and Thankfulness…

All of these "throwback Thursday" photos floating around the internet give me little trips down memory lane. I really do love it, but now that I have dug through my mother's old photos of me, I'm thinking I'll pass on posting any of them. For someone who hasn't hesitated to post my bald photos from … Continue reading Thursday…Throwback and Thankfulness…