Friday Philosophy Once More

It's been a long time since I've done a quotable quotes on a Friday. 😊 I thought it would be a wonderful start to the end of the workweek to have some uplifting thoughts shared here. The sun hasn't risen yet and, mentally, I'm at a beach. Ha! "The most important thing in the world … Continue reading Friday Philosophy Once More

Lou Holtz and the Good Life

Lou Holtz seems to come up quite often when I'm talking to my Dad. Football has nothing to do with it. As the Coach of Notre Dame, Lou Holtz left us with a legacy of wisdom on how to live a good life. His philosophy was simple: "Do right. Do your best. Treat others as … Continue reading Lou Holtz and the Good Life

Friday Philosophy…ROAR!!!

I promised an explanation for my disappearance: Lara and the kids and I took a VACATION! I know, this comes as a complete and total shock to all of you...and to me. It only happens once every five years or so, but it was incredible. We came home looking rested and tanned and happy. Now, … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…ROAR!!!