Taking time

Old Magic

There are spaces you feel the journey of all who walked before lands where it is not safe to speak your true name the forests breathe as giants sleep and old magic waits to be unlocked again - Caroline A. Slee


Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com Power flows word by word a page alight with ideas magic unfurls word by word a spell to spark imagination speak the truth though it may be dark and brighten it with your voice freedom opens word by word casting all chains aside - Caroline A. Slee

Carol Moseley Braun #FridayPhilosophy

“Magic lies in challenging what seems impossible.” – Carol Moseley Braun


Revealing the invisible on dancing rays the sun shines on a world filled with more than we can see we are all spirits believing ourselves to be other settling for a material world blind to the miraculous but the light always returns to shine upon magic the invisible we forget to see from the earth … Continue reading Revealing


All words have power, for good or illall words create worldsthat stand alone Words can sing as a hymna prayera benediction Or words can destroy faithdestroy confidenceseparate people from each other We whisperwe murmurwe set the words to flow A creationtransformationa spell cast for change As we begin our incantationto find healingonce again ~ Caroline … Continue reading Incantation

The Sky’s Call

The mind must listen true, if we seek to see and understand all that is invisible to the world but known and familiar to the spirit There is a song that is playing far off beyond our judgement a chant, a hymn, a prayer to the goddess as we elevate into the good We answer … Continue reading The Sky’s Call


Time pulls us forward ~ As doorways open before us ~ And all fear falls away ~ in the face of new magic - Caroline A. Slee

Rituals #wwwblogs

There is always a spooky magic to be feared those mystic rituals that invoke terror ~ All whispered in rumors hyped in suggestion a hint that witches might live among us ~ Ritual is practice simplicity itself the small ceremony we have to create joy: The morning coffee, the quiet hours, the blank pages filled … Continue reading Rituals #wwwblogs